1 on 1 Coaching


I have a great 1-1 program for ambitious and successful business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who are not only stressed about maintaining their success, but also have a lot more they want to achieve in life and feel like it’s not happening fast enough or feel like they are not on track to fulfilling their potential in life (or what they’re here to do). 


The goal of this program is to get you immediately feeling less stressed and less under pressure with where you are now, as well as creating the clarity to help you achieve your goals and dreams much faster with a greater sense of ease and flow.


The program is 4x months. Here is how we do it; 


  1. First, we’ll spend time together and take a fresh look at what you really want and what’s really stopping you from getting there. When you use a GPS to plan your trip, the very first thing you do is tell it where you are, and then the GPS takes care of the rest. Most of my clients find that what they think is stopping them is rarely what is actually stopping them. And what they think they want, is not what they actually want. [This session is also available as a stand-alone 3x DAY VIP Intensive]. 

  2. Then, you will learn a very simple yet powerful process for getting out of your own way and tapping into your resourcefulness. As you’re progressing towards your next goal, I’ll point you to notice where you are stopping yourself with worry, insecurity, and doubt. And then I’ll point you to notice all that you have going for you in the moment. I’ll point you back to your unlimited resourcefulness and capacity for insight.

  3. One of the biggest ways you get in our own way is you over-complicate and over-think your journey towards your goals. For the rest of our time together, I’ll help you steer clear of this obstacle by helping to keep identifying the next steps towards your goal based on what naturally makes sense. When you have clarity of mind, you can move mountains; your actions become way more powerful and impactful. I’ll help you slow down and trust your inner nudges.


The above 3 points above form a process that you can return to again and again whenever you feel stuck trying to achieve something. I’ve used this process to start two successful businesses, and help my clients to achieve all sorts of things, like securing prestigious career positions, secure salary raises, take businesses to new heights, launch dream businesses, improve athletic performance to raise world rankings, and even find love.


The investment for this program is between 8,000 - 10,000 USD. And In order to be a good candidate to get the results with this program you must;

  • Be an experienced business owner, entrepreneur or leader.

  • Have a track record of success in your business or role (even if it's not exactly where you want to be yet).

If you’re interested in this offer, just send me a message on facebook with the answers to the follow questions;

  • Where are you in your life or business right now?

  • Where would you like to be?

  • How do you think I will be able to help you?

We’ll have a quick chat to see if it’s a good fit for the both of us. Then I will let you know the cost of the program and we'll start as soon as you make the payment.