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Inner Power Retreat 2023

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Rest, Reflect, Recharge,

Renew & RESURGE IN ‘23


For Founders, Leaders, Change Makers and Entrepreneurs ONLY

Did it feel like ‘22 came and went without enough time ON you?

Join The Inner Power Retreat 2023​

Get away from your hamster wheel for 3 days….

"If we did all the things we were capable of, we would astound ourselves"
- Thomas Edison

Do you believe in yourself as a professional but still feel in your gut that
things could flow better?

This retreat is for you.


Does it feel like you spend time on all things and
still not enough on yourself?

This retreat is for you.


You know you’re very good at getting results however
regularly flustered with continuous non-stop thoughts?


This retreat is for you.


This is your genuine opportunity to….


Start the year in a powerful way that will help you
guarantee your success and growth.

Give yourself an experience that will help you rest, reflect, recharge, renew and
feel a real sense of resurgence for yourself and all of those around you.

The ability to tap into your true inner power to play this game of life, including business with
more freedom, ease, joy and grace.


Now is the best time to invest in yourself!

The Inner Game Retreat 2023 - Nikon Gormley Stef Cybihowski

About The Inner Power Retreat

This retreat is a unique 3 day experience designed to help you discover your full and true potential.

You will do this by uncovering a simple but profound understanding of your mind that brings you the ability to easily let go of what limits you. To free you from stress, overwhelment and burnout. 


This understanding will allow you the freedom to explore your full being, your capabilities and ultimately, your richest, deepest, and most meaningful experience of life.



Benefits of joining the Inner Power Retreat


By the end of the 3 days, you will have a better sense of...

  • The raw mechanics behind the human experience, the invisible dynamics that operate within
    all people behind the scenes.


  • What ‘State of Mind’ is and how understanding it changes everything.

  • Where stress, overwhelm and burnout come from and why you don’t need to
    suffer it - even with a busy life.


  • How to learn how your natural state, regardless of circumstances, is ease, grace and flow.

  • How to stop what blocks your natural creativity, joy and inspiration.

  • The role of Insight and the ‘built-in’ human design for wellbeing and success.


  • The deeper dimension of who you are and your true, unlimited potential.

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Does this sound like you?

This retreat is for Founders, Leaders, Change Makers and Entrepreneurs

who are looking to fulfil a lot more of their potential in both their business and personal life.

It is perfect for you if you want better results with less effort,
more ease, flow, joy and a richer, deeper, more meaningful experience of being alive.

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How does it work? How will you get results?

Most of us live our daily lives in a conditioned belief that ‘more effort, more hours,

more thinking will create better results’.


Often this leads to a moment to moment experience of our lives that can feel incredibly effortful, serious, overwhelming and tiring. You might feel like you are in a hamster wheel that you have to jump onto every day and keep running on without being able to stop.


You end up having to rely on your willpower to get through the amount of work you have set yourselves. Ultimately, relying only on willpower will eventually lead to you to having an experience of ‘burn out’. 


Thankfully, with a deeper understanding of how the mind really works, you can take a step back for a little while from all the efforting and ‘hamster wheel marathons'. You get to see that you already have a built-in design for success that does not require the hard work you think it does. 


When you get even just a glimpse of this, you begin to discover:

  • Higher levels of clarity

  • Increased creativity

  • Effortless productivity

  • Better relationships with yourselves and others

This brings more joy, ease, fun and playfulness back into your life. At work and at home.


Best of all, it's for YOU.

This retreat is designed to take you away from the hamster wheel (and distractions) for 3x days.


It gives you a real direct, lived experience of what it is like to take a step back, take a breath and re-discover a different way of being in the world and your business. 


The format won’t be a traditional ‘information gathering and implementation’ exercise.


It will be a relaxed, but deep conversation and exploration.


Your mind will slow down to a natural speed and with a quiet mind comes insight. Insight is the only way that lasting, positive change can happen. It’s the way the human mind is designed. 

How is this retreat different than other retreats?

Most programs on the human dimension focus on different factors to help you be successful, i.e. Personality type, cultural background or thinking style. They try to help you understand your personality or suggest how best to interact with others of different personality types.


Others focus on relationships, leadership and performance, on what to think or do to get

better results. They provide attitudes, habits and strategies to practice or adopt so that you can be successful.


This program is oriented in a different direction. 


It focuses on the basic operating principles working behind the scenes of the human mind. We are not referring to ideas, values or practices that you deliberately apply to your life and business. 


We are referring to facts of nature, the raw mechanics behind experience, the invisible dynamics that operate within all people behind the scenes. 


We have noticed that this understanding allows for much quicker, longer lasting and exponentially transformative results compared to the more standard technique based methods.

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What's included?


  • 3x Days (10am to 5pm)

    • Each day will include discussion, exploration, reflection, exercises and Q&A

  • 1 hr - 1.5 hr lunch breaks 

  • Gourmet Lunches (For each of the days on retreat)

  • Live group sessions with Nikon and Stef

  • Small Group (10-12 People Only)

  • Note: Accommodation NOT included in the price however we’re happy to assist you in booking at the property or additional properties within your budget.



  • Dates: 27th, 28th, 29th, January 2023


  • Pre Retreat Group Virtual Session with Nikon & Stef

  • Post Retreat Group Virtual Session with Nikon & Stef

  • 1x 1-on-1 Virtual Session with Stef (After Retreat)

  • 1x 1-on-1 Virtual Session with Nikon (After Retreat)

How Much Does It Cost?

Fee Options

Full Price: 120,000 THB (Approx 3,200 USD)

Early Bird Price: 85,000 THB (Approx 2,200 USD)
- Valid Until *30th December 2022*

Bring a friend & share rate: Get 50% off the 2nd ticket (42,500 THB)

Note: Accomodation is not included in the price


Payment Structure


Step 1. Pay 37,000 THB (1,000 USD) when you register


Step 2. Pay 83,000 - 48,000 THB (Approx 2,200 - 1,200 USD) remaining balance by 20th December 2022


Payment Options:


1. Direct Bank Transfer 


2. TransferWise (


Payment details available when you register.

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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How much does it cost?

    • Full Price: 120,000 THB (3,200 USD)

    • Early Bird Price: 82,000 THB (2,200 USD)
      - Valid Until *30th December 2022*

  • Do I need a visa to travel to Thailand?

  • What if I need to cancel? Can I get a refund?

    • If you cancel more than 30x days before the retreat. We can give you a refund.

    • If you cancel  within 30x days of the retreat. Your payment can be used for 1-1 coaching sessions instead.

  • Is hotel accomodation a part of the price?

    • No

      • Why?

        • We would like to give guests the freedom to stay at a hotel that best suites their needs and price-points.​​

  • How long are the sessions?

    • 10am - 12pm (There will be coffee / tea breaks)

    • 1.30pm to 4pm-5pm (There iwll be coffee / tea breaks)

  • Are the sessions recorded?

    • No

  • What do I need to do to get the best results from the retreat?

    • Your only job is to be open and alive to hearing something completely new and fresh, even if you think you already know what the ‘Inside Out’ understanding is. We are looking to create the space for insight and that requires a curious and reflective mind.​

  • Is there a dress code?

    • No. Dress comfortably.​

  • Will there be other activities such as meditation, yoga or water sports?

    • These activities are not part of the retreat. You can pursue them in your own free time.

  • Who will be the guest mentors and teachers?

  • What are the main topics that will be discussed in the sessions? 

    • We'll be sharing the Principles behind the human experience and how it impacts your life, business, and relationships.

    • The purpose of this exploration and reflection is so that you play the game of life and business with more freedom, more ease, more joy and more grace.

  • What is the closest airport? 

    • Phuket International Airport​

  • Is it worth it? 

    • In the past clients who cultivate space for insights experienced a richer, deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling experience of life; higher levels of resilience, emotional fortitude and stability, higher levels of creativity, higher problem solving ability, higher levels of self awareness, and a deeper connection to themselves, friends, family...

      ...which has resulted in securing lucrative career positions, exponential growth in business, uncovering hidden opportunities, exponential leaps in leadership abilities, unlocking new capabilities, a higher ability to understand and connect with people, more presence, and some have even found love.​

Meet your hosts:

1) Nikon Gormley

Nikon - Insight Circle Membership (Large).jpg

"I believe that what helps us create an exponential life is creating a deeper connection to life itself; It's about coming from a place of curiosity, playfulness, love, presence, and service"

Nikon is a 3P Transformative Coach, Facilitator, Educator, Speaker and Founder.


Nikon specializes in Executive, Leadership and Transformative Coaching. He helps you connect to your inner-genius to create an exponential impact on your life, leadership and business.

He has worked with 100s of clients that include; Founders, Celebrities, KOLs, CEOs, Executive Leaders, Olympians, Elite Athletes, Executive Chefs, and Coaches.  

What people are saying about Nikon?

Aim - Amarit Charoenphan 3 (Medium).jpg

Amarit Charoenphan

Angel Investor, Advisor, Board Member, VC, ASEAN Director, Impact Collective, Techstars Community All-Stars, EHF Fellow, Obama Fdn. Leader, Board, SEA Founders / Thailand

Nikon has helped to be there for me, to listen to me and guide me as I went through some of the most challenging times in my career.


He has rekindled my passion for people and shown me the way in developing my coaching career and inner power that has helped me to grow not only myself but my practice as an angel investor and startup mentor.


Miriam Sornprommas

International Super Model, Speaker, Writer, & Singer / Thailand

Nikon has a safe presence that makes you feel like you’re safe to be vulnerable and honest. And as time goes on that is confirmed by his nature of kindness, tone of gentleness, the way he seeks understanding, and his acceptance of all that’s real and messy.

Peter Meltzer.jpg

Peter Meltzer

Educator, Volunteer & Founder of Surat Thani International School  / Thailand

Since working with Nikon, I have found much more balance and grounding. I feel less influenced and impacted by the daily sways of life. This, in turn, has allowed me to feel much more present. I would say that my ability to feel present and enjoy the present moment has increased by several hundred percent.


That may sound like an exaggeration but it’s true.


Before working with Nikon I didn’t really know how to feel present and to gain the benefits of feeling present. Now I do.

2) Stef Cybichowski

Stef_Cybichowski-33 (Medium).jpg

Stef is a Dad, a Musician and full time Master Transformative coach, trainer and International speaker.


Stef works with Business leaders, and organisations, entrepreneurs, mental health charities, schools and private individuals all over the world.


For 6 years Stef has worked with Michael Neill on the teaching faculty for Supercoach Academy helping train and mentor 100s of new coaches whose dream is to share the 'Inside out understanding' with the world.

Stef has an absolute passion for helping people discover how their mind works and my favourite thing is to watch them wake up to their true nature and unlimited potential.


An understanding of these simple, powerful universal principles can help any human overcome any challenges, create cool stuff in the world and have a richer, deeper, more meaningful and fulfilling experience of life.

What people are saying about Stef?

Happy Man

Olivier B.

Senior Vice President (Hotel Operations)

When you are facing insurmountable interference, doubt and grief, it is not easy to see that life can get easier. Stef opened my eyes to this and I am forever grateful.


I now hold on less to things and definitely have a different relationship to issues and thoughts. I don’t make a meaning of everything and I trust my instinct more and confidently go with the flow. Stef listens, nods, affirms, and encourages you to find the answers you are looking for from within.


I am grateful for the time I continue to spend with Stef and most and foremost, I am delighted to call him a friend.

Brown Theme Portrait

Charlie T.

Songwriter & Composer

Stef has helped me to view my career creatively and with understanding, and as a result, my work continues to move from strength to strength. He has also empowered me to recognise insecurity for what it is, so that it no longer impedes my progress in my professional life.  


In my personal life, the space that Stef points to so beautifully has enabled me to enjoy a more meaningful relationship with my family but especially with my partner.


We now have an extremely powerful connection and devotion to one another because we can view our relationship with compassion and love, even through the hard times, and this really is the most precious gift he could have ever given me. I cannot recommend his services highly enough.

Grace K.jpg

Grace Kelly

Renowned Trasnformative Coach, Founder of Graceful Coaching

"Working with Stef is like taking a warm bath for the soul."


Each of our sessions left me nourished and feeling a deep sense of peace and direction. Stef helped me stop relating anxious feelings to mean something about the future of my business, this has been a total game changer, allowing me to move the needle forward and take the personal out of it all, rather than get lost in worry and procrastination for weeks or months on end.


As a result of working with Stef my bounce back is stronger, resilience deeper and creativity awakened, I’ve been able to bring to life the ideas that come to me."

Start 2023 with a deep level of grounding, ease and grace

The Link below will guide you step by step to...

1) Registering yourself for the 'Inner Power Retreat 2023'
2) Paying your deposit

We look forward to seeing you.

All of our best,
Nikon & Stef

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