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Unlock new capabilities
and new possibilites

I believe that we live in a world of infinite possibilities. I also believe that SO much more becomes available to us when we understand how to work in harmony with life and its natural rhythm; we naturally thrive and produce better results with less stress and more ease. And even MORE becomes available to us when we come from a place of curiosity, playfulness, freedom, presence, and love.


My name is Nikon Gormley,

Today, I'm proud that;


  • I've spent the past 20+ years studying and living the art and science of human potential.


  • I've been practicing the art of Taekwondo for the past 20+ years and I've had the opportunity to train and compete around the world. I'm also grateful that I represented the Province of Nakhon Sawan at the Thailand National Olympics and secured a Bronze Medal.​

  • I get to train with, study under and be coached by renowned teachers in the 3P community such as Michael Neill, Mavis Karn, Dr George Pransky, Dr Bill Pettit, Dr Joe Bailey, Cathy Casey, Fiona Jacob, and Stef Cybichowski. And I get to meet amazing colleagues from around the world.

  • I've turned my passions into 2x thriving businesses; I own a Taekwondo Academy that has 8+ branches around Thailand. I run a boutique coaching business that supports people around the world in unleashing their creative genius into their life, business and work.

  • I get to be a part of the growth of a thriving family business. For 47+ years my family (Gormley Glass) has led and innovated the field of glass artwork for architecture and interior design around the world.

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The truth is I spent the first 3x decades of my life feeling incredibly insecure, lonely, discouraged and generally like I wasn't good enough for anything or anyone. 

My solution to those feelings were determination, willpower and empowerment. This led me to becoming an overachiever just to escape how I was feeling about myself on the inside. 

And no matter how many accolades I achieved or how much I 'worked on myself', I was desperately discouraged. It was never enough. I would habitually burn out and entertain thoughts of suicidal ideation - because then I could maybe escape these terrible feelings I was experiencing. 

I couldn't even tell anyone because on the outside it looked like I was doing so well. I felt incredibly lonely.

And then one day, I met Michael Neill who pointed me in the direction of the 3 Principles. In learning about the Principles, I saw that I was living in the feeling of my thinking, not my circumstances. From there I began to get a better understanding of how my Mind worked and I got a glimpse of who I was beyond my thinking - my True Nature.

What I saw for myself felt more than just a 'cool idea'. It was insightful, deep and spiritual. It felt like a feeling that was coming from within me. I felt a lot my old habitual ways of thinking begin to unravel. And my life started to change.

Over time, I noticed my mind begin to slow down. I started to feel more at home within myself. I stopped trying so hard at life. I stopped trying to prove things to myself (and others). Things started to fall into place on their own.

I became more responsive to life, and a lot less reactive.

I felt a deeper sense of flow and ease in my work. I didn't secretly feel like shit all the time. I felt less afraid of life.

I started to listen to myself and feel the innate wisdom that was in my heart. I learned to let that feeling be my guide in life.

And since then, I've felt inspired to share what I know with people and point them to the space within where they get to experience more of their aliveness more of the time.

This experience has made the biggest difference in my life. And I'll know it'll be impactful for you too. 

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If you're ready...

If you're ready to unleash your innate genius, create an inner wealth that is valuable beyond measure, get better results with less effort, less stress, less time and have more fun in the process...

If you're ready to create a deeper experience and connection with life, access fresh new thinking and creativity on demand, make significant breakthroughs in life, business and relationships...


Let's talk. 

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