A three month group coaching experience for teens to become their own secret weapon to creating a successful future.

Dear Parents,​

What would it be like, if your teenager had the confidence to go after bigger goals?

What would it be like, if your teenager could fully express his or her talents?

What would it be like, if your teenager learned to tap into his or her fullest potential?

What would it be like, if your teenager could learn to grow through challenges stronger?

What would it be like, if your teenager learned to access his or her inner wisdom and power?

What would it be like, if your teenager could learn and implement the tools and mindsets that helped high performers, CEOs, executives, national team athletes, leaders in business and education, create success?

RISING Warrior


I have combined years of experience of working with and coaching, executives, CEOs, elite national team athletes from around the world, high performers in business and education to develop a powerful 3 month group coaching experience that is designed specifically for 17+ year olds as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. This program is for students who live in Bangkok, Thailand.

Rising Warrior creates space for teens to learn the skills, tools and mindsets to achieve their biggest vision and grow through whatever challenges they may encounter. Rising Warrior is also about creating a unique tribe of high performing teens who support, motivate and challenge each other through a 3 month journey.

About your coach


Nikon Gormley


“I believe greatness is available to anyone who is willing to work for it”


I was blessed to be born into a family of super achievers. My grandfather opened a chain of diners in New York City, my father is a world-renowned architectural glass artist, and my Aunt opened the first International School in Pattaya, Thailand, simply because there wasn’t one available at the time. She also mentored women in her community to be educated and empowered them to dream big. One of her mentees went on to earn her Ph.D. and open her own International School in Pattaya. My cousin is also a renowned artist and photographer in the U.S. On the outside it may have looked like a very easy setup to grow into success with these kinds of people in your life but it was extremely hard.


When I was a teenager in Pattaya, I struggled to find my way. I was constantly fighting with my family and I got really good at pretending I was confident when in my heart I felt like I didn’t really belong. You see, I created a secret commitment to try and be as good as the super achievers in my family at 15. I did that by setting up “impossible” standards that I could never really meet.  This secret commitment leads me to believe I wasn’t good enough to be in my own family. I was in my head most of the time and this prevented me from being who I really was and creating a powerful and enjoyable life experience.


This all started to shift when I joined a Taekwondo club and I joined my first tribe of people who were like me, striving for excellence. We were given structure. We were given mentors. We were given clear structure and standards that were easy to understand and follow. From this place, I began to become inspired, which lead to action, which lead to decisions and ultimately a much better life experience. I continued this path of consistently seeking growth, self-improvement, and mastery.


I went from being a “C” average student with no real aim or vision to graduating the IB Diploma Program from the Regents School (Pattaya), earn a spot on the varsity Taekwondo Team and was accepted into the Kogod School of Business at American University in Washington D.C., USA.




Talent wins games but team

work and intelligence wins championships - Michael Jordan

This program is a GROUP program. This means that your teenager will be in a group of 8-10 carefully chosen people who have a deep desire to grow.

Benefits of being a group;

+ Students draw from everyone's combined wisdom and experience. Younger students learn and model older students.

+ Students help to motivate each other and keep each other on track and challenge each other to grow.

+ Students help each other overcome obstacles and challenges.

+ Students provide support and feedback for one another.

+ Students create powerful connections and friendships.

Elements of the program

  • A small mastermind of 10 youths who have an inspiring vision and are committed to taking bold action and seeing their vision become reality.

  • 9 sessions total in 3 months. There will be 9 online deep coaching sessions. Each month will have 3 deep coaching sessions.

  • Each week will follow a certain theme.

  • Weekly reflections and homework (action) to keep you accountable and in forward momentum.

  • Unlimited email coaching from Coach Nikon.

  • On-demand laser coaching to keep you soaring and also when you need help to overcome challenges.

  • Consistent feedback on your journey to manifesting your vision.

  • 1-1 and group coaching during live sessions.

  • Exclusive facebook group to keep us connected, supported, motivated, inspired and energized.

Modules of Rising Warrior


  • Month 1: Foundations, Vision, Values & Personal Rules


  • Month 2: Self-Awareness & Fundamentals for Exponential Living

  • Month 3: Belief Systems & Models of Reality

What to expect as a parent, when your DAUGHTER OR son joins our group


  • Expert coaching tips and resources to help you be on the same page as your daughter or son.


  • Powerful books and articles that will help you become a key part of your daughter's or son’s support team.

  • Coaching challenges to help you create an even more powerful relationship with your daughter / son.


  • Unlimited on demand email coaching from Coach Nikon​.

Who I work with:

  • We work with people who can feel they have an untapped potential. They know what they want and they ready to do something about it.


  • We work with people who are ready for a challenge. They are ready to leave their comfort-zone.


  • We work with people who are not afraid of success. They are prepared to manifest and receive what they desire.


  • We work with people who are not afraid to fail and take risks in order to grow to new heights.


  • We work with people who take action. They play full out and they don't hold back.


  • Most importantly, we work with people who inspire us.

​​This Group Program is NOT

For Your Teenager If:

  • They are not sure what they want and not interested in
    figuring it out.


  • They are not open to new ideas and new mindsets.

  • They are looking for a coach to "motivate him or her".

  • They are not willing to make mistakes, fail or take risks.

  • They are not ready to work harder than us at creating what their desires


This group is not for everyone

This program will require more than just your investment. It will require your daughter or son's time, focus, passion, determination, energy, patience, heart and faith. Your daughter or son will be asked to play full out and not hold back.

Here is why you should consider applying

I truly believe there is something that everyone is here to MASTER. I also believe that most people fall short on their journey because they have not learned how to unlock their inner wisdom, power and greatness. I also believe that once you learn how to play this game we call life, it can be infinitely MORE fun, exciting and abundant.


This 3 month program will help your teenager grow in confidence and self-mastery. They will have a deepened understanding of what it takes to succeed in life and a clearer vision of how to make it happen. They will be more responsible and respectful version of themselves They will become mentors to their peers.

​IF YOUR DAUGHTER OR SON IS READY to join an incredible tribe of high performers, challenge themselves, apply themselves and work their butt off, we as coaches are prepared to teach them the principles to creating a successful and meaningful experience.

Let's Get Started

The investment for this program is 3,000 USD.

I will only be accepting 10 people for the next 3 month Rising Warrior program. Submit your application today to be considered for a spot in this powerful program.

Once your application is received, I will know the best way to support you, whether send you useful resources, refer you to another program or coach in my network, or offer you time for a powerful conversation to get to know you and your teenager. We will dive deep and explore what your vision is for your son or daughter. We will also see if the program is truly the best direction for your son or daughter right now.

If it's a "Hell Yes", I am interested, I would love to hear from you!

Click "HERE" to start the application process.

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