The smallest step.

In January of 2017 I made a decision that I will attend Michael Neill's super coach academy's spring class of 2018. It costs about 15K USD and its in LA, California (I live in Bangkok, Thailand). I have no idea how I'm going to create this but I know it is "going" to happen. I know it feels great just thinking about attending this 6 month program and I am excited about significantly improving my ability to serve my clients. So what did I do? I took the tiniest step I could take. I bought #MichaelNeill 's SuperCoach book. I'm getting a head start.* Don't worry about the how's of whatever it is you want to create. Just go out and do the smallest thing you can do. And then do the next smallest thing. And then the next. Until you arrive.

Think about your biggest dream.

What is the smallest step you can take right now that would move you closer to that dream?

Love, Nikon

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