Failing Intelligently.

Failing Intelligently at the Thai National Games Regional Qualifiers.

(Blue) Nuthavee Klomphong vs (Red) Me. Nuthavee is the No.1 Ranked - 68kg fighter in Thailand, SEA Games Medalist, US Open Medalist, bad ass and all round great guy. After I won my first match, I had a choice. I could fight Nuthavee and qualify (10% chance of success) or I could surrender and fight in the repecharge (3rd place and qualification), which would be the easier option. My Coach @kittichote_amarakul_tkd told me, "I want you to fight Nuthavee, I want you to know what the next level feels like, I want you to know what next level strength and power feels like, it might hurt but I want you to collect as much information as possible". I fought Nuthavee and after 1 x 2 min round I lost 15-0.

I don't think I've ever been kicked in the head so many times in my life.

My Coach was right. I learned A LOT. I experienced a whole new level of class, strategy and power. Fighting Nuthavee allowed me to set my standards much higher, which means I will rise to those standards. I also had FUN, because I was fighting the BEST! I used what I learned and slayed my repecharge match with a perfect game. 12-0 win. Qualified.

Use failure to serve you.

What can you learn from latest failure?

Love, Nikon

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