How to use life's natural rhythm to thrive.

Repeat after me. Push-Push-Glide.

This story comes from my mentor Greta Gormley, who is also my Aunt.

One afternoon, I was talking to my Aunt and I was complaining to her that I've been working so hard and I was feeling burnt out. I told her that I felt I still needed to work MORE to get MORE stuff done. She smiled at me and asked me to think about an figure skater. "Watch what a figure skater does", she said. A figure skater will push and push to gain momentum and then.... glide! A figure skater does all of his or her beautiful and seemingly impossible maneuvers during the glide! even when they are leaping through the air, they are still not pushing. So what did I do? I stopped pushing and started to glide for a while and things just seemed to line up by themselves. Things that would have taken a lot of my energy, got done by themselves. People, who I was trying to contact, contacted me! It was like I stepped into this phase of FLOW. And when it felt like the right time to push, I would push-push until it felt like resistance, then I just let go and glide.

So here are some questions you can ask yourself.

Are you pushing? or are you gliding?

Do you need to be pushing? Do you need to be gliding?

Love, Nikon

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