Choose How You Show Up.

One of the core agreements that I have with my clients is that "You always have a choice". There is always a decision that can be made, no matter what your circumstances are. This is your freedom, should you choose to accept it.

One of the ways that I teach this to my clients is by showing them how to "set intentions" for how they need to show up in order to achieve the things they want to achieve. This means slowing down and asking themselves "Who do I have to be today?" or "Who do I have to be right now?". Once a decision is made, I show my clients how to lead with the answer; how would they act? how would they walk? what would their thoughts be like? what would their beliefs be like? how would they dress? what decisions would they make? You see, when you work on the inside magic, the outside world will take care of itself without huge amounts of effort.

Recently, I came across a remarkable individual who experienced this process on his own without any training. He is a University Professor in Thailand. He told me a story about how he had hit a plateau in his teaching career. He was no longer motivated or inspired by his work. His lack of motivation and inspiration lead to a downward spiral in his performance. He said that he knew if he continued this path, it would not be beneficial to him, his family, his students or his career. He knew had to make a change. So what did he do? He posed a powerful question to himself that empowered him to "show up" differently than he did before.

The powerful question that he asked himself was "What if I worked at THE BEST university in the world?". This question gave him a new sense of purpose to his work which lead to energy, movitation, inspiration and action. He told me, that when he lead with this question, he started to act and think differently. He went to sleep earlier and woke up much earlier than before, which gave him more energy. In waking up earlier, he had more time to eat a proper breakfast and prepare for his classes. He said that even the way he engaged with students changed. He felt invigorated with new ideas and inspirations to become a better teacher that will create an even bigger impact for him and his students. His outside world began to change powerfully in a short period of time. By choosing to show up differently than before, his health, wealth, relationships, and career were positively impacted.

Now, I would like you to reflect on what you are doing.

Is the way you are showing up serving you?

If it is, then how can you tweak the way you are showing up to create even more powerful results for yourself?

If it is not, then slow down and take a look at the way you are showing up now. And then think about the way you would have to show up to achieve the results you desired. And then take the smallest action possible. And then another one and another. Love, Nikon

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