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I'm in Michael Neill's "A New Way of Thinking About Business" course and I am LOVING IT. I've had dozens of "holy-shit insights and shifts". I had a really interesting insight today and I wanted to share it with you. In the course we were talking about value and impact. The principle is this. People pay you for the impact you make in their lives. It's not about you, it's not any believing in yourself, it's not you feeling like you deserve it (or not), it's not about valuing yourself (or not). It's about serving the person in front of you, powerfully. Today, I finished teaching Taekwondo at the Ambassador Hotel, and as I was walking out, there was a Jeunness Conference (MLM), and they had parked their cars out front. I noticed the Bentley and thought to myself "Cool, car". And then an insight dropped on my head. If you are insecure (making it about you) about the impact you can create (or not create) for people, then it would make sense that you would need a lot of external props (cars, houses, and bank balances) to show people that you can make an impact. My new friend David Horne pointed an extra layer to this. Notice how this Bentley is parked right in front of the hotel. It screams "LOOK AT ME" And you can see it. A lot of people, formulas and techniques that promise you success will lead with showing you cars, houses, and bank balances. I used to be impressed. I used to chase after those things because secretly I felt if I had those things I would feel more 'enough'. And now I see it, it's insecurity. You see, when you know you can really make an impact you create presence. And your presence can be felt. And the deeper you go into your own personal work - more presence you create. To me it almost feels like an equanimity about the person - and you just want to be around them. I also realized that to really make an impact in people lives, external props aren't really required. It doesn't matter what you have or do not have in your bank account, what's in your garage or not, and what kind of house you live in. Creating an impact starts with you, and it comes from the inside-out. This doesn't mean you can't buy nice stuff. Buy nice stuff because it makes your heart sing and not because you need people to like you. It also means be aware that where you are coming from flavours what you do. If you're coming from a place of neediness and insecurity - it can be felt.

Where have you experienced this in your life? What's motivating you to create things in your life? Love, Nikon

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