How I helped an Olympic Athlete re-engage her game by washing my dishes.

How I helped an Olympic Athlete re-engage her game by washing my dishes. 🎯 My client's vision is to compete and win the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. She is a professional shooter for the Thai National Team. We've been working together for over a year and she's improved her World Ranking from 81st in the World to 41st. She's also #1 in Thailand. She's in the process of qualifying for the Olympic Games. ⚡🏅🏆 A few weeks ago, she had just returned from the World Cup in Germany - she didn't get the results she wanted. The weather was colder than she was used to and it affected her shooting. I noticed a pattern of "almost" getting on the podium when she competed internationally. So I called her in for a session and asked her what was happening. 🤔 She confessed that she was bored. The routine of eat, sleep, shoot, gym and work was feeling repetitive - even when she competed internationally a long side other Olympic Athletes. She was also operating on the premise that the International players were better than her anyways - so she felt that the extra effort wasn't going to make that much of a difference. 😔 We sat with it for a bit. And an idea popped in my head. What if you had more fun in your game? I said. 💡 "What do you mean?". She asked. "What if you actually had more fun in your everyday journey as an athlete; the training, the gym sessions, the traveling, all the mundane stuff - what if it was FUN?" I replied. 🎉🎁💫 Curious. "How do I do that?" She replied. ❓ We talked about where her experience was coming from. It looks boring to her right now because she's seen it and done it a million times. What if she looked at with fresh eyes and intentionally made it fun? ✅ . I looked over at my kitchen. I looked at the dishes in the sink. I looked at my client. And I said "I want you to wash my dishes and I want you to have fun doing it". ⚡ She looked at me like I was crazy. The athlete in her stepped up to the challenge. "Okay" she said. She then got up and walked over to my kitchen sink. She put her phone on the refrigerator and played a Bee Gees song. And she began to wash my dishes! I walked over and we hung out, we sang, and we laughed while she washed my dishes. 5 mins later she was finished washing my dishes. She grinned. "That was fun, I get it now. I can make anything fun if I want to", she said. 🎯 She now goes into her daily practice with the intention of looking at what she does with a fresh pair of eyes and she has more fun. And not everyday is perfect. The key is that she now knows that FUN it always on offer. Before she left, I said to her "I want you to bring back an International Medal, and I want you to have fun doing it". She gave me a smile and a fist bump. 🤜🤛 Over to you! 🤝 What did you see for yourself from reading this story? 💡 What's something you do on a day to day basis that has become boring or mundane? 💡 What if you had more fun doing it? What would it look like? What would become available? 💡 Action 💥 I'd love to know how you make things fun! Drop a comment below with how you make ordinary things fun. 🤣😜 Love, Nikon

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