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Beyond Imagination

Beyond Imagination ⚡ I've spent a life time chasing targets, objectives, goals, dreams and visions. 🎯 And for the first time, I really really see just how limiting that can be. I see how much of an idiot I've been in pressuring and judging myself in pursuit of goals. 🤔 Last week while on retreat in Singapore at Michael Neill's "Living A Guided Life" Retreat, I had a big insight land for me. Whatever I THINK I can create in my life is really just based on what I think is possible, even if I try and stretch it a bit, *insert* "big ass visions". ✅ When we think of what we can create for ourselves, its like we sit down at a restaurant and pick from the menu of available options. And there are so many right? There's the starters, the mains, and the desserts. Prices range from cheap, affordable to the most expensive thing on the menu. And the CRAZY part is that we FORGET that there is a KITCHEN in the back that can literally cook up ANYTHING. Anything!! 🥳 👨‍🍳 And when I sit with this, really sit with this...I see that what is "on offer", what is really available to me is Beyond Imagination. 🌊 If I let go of what I think the vision or dream is SUPPOSED to look like for even a second, I invite the miraculous to occur. I've won a Thai National Olympic Bronze Medal. I've gone on retreat with my favourite mentor / teacher. I've met incredible human beings. I've met friends online that I've NEVER MET, yet I call them FAMILY. I've seen a business create a 5 million dollar deal when they had gone 1 year without a single client. I've created 6k USD and 10k USD in my own businesses within a week when I needed it the most. 🌊 As best as we can envision, imagine and dream, what is actually available to us is so extraordinarily more beautiful and more abundant. ❤️ Have you ever experienced something in your life that was so beyond imagination? What was that like? I'd love to hear about it! ❓ Just for Today ✅ Put down all the thinking you have around your vision, your dream and your goals. ✅ And just "Be" in the world. Really, just Be; make space for the space within to breathe life through you. 🦋 If this was useful to you, please let me know. Drop your insights in the comments below. 👇🏻❤️ UPDATE: Thank you to Christina Berkley for the reminder about my vision board. I threw it out.
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