North Is North Vs Overwhelm

North Is North Vs Overwhelm

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I recently had a meeting with one of my brand strategist and he had drawn out my whole business structure on ONE page in my notebook. It had everything from my 1-1 work, my communities, future online programs, future books, future youtube channels, strategic collaborations, and future events. It felt like A LOT. I saw my thinking go from 1-5 km per hour to about 250 km per hour. 🚗

I felt very overwhelmed. And then I got frustrated because I started to judge myself; "You should be able to handle this", "You need to step up!", "You're not enough" 😓

And then doubt came in "I don't know how to do ANY of the things written down on this paper" and "I am totally full of shit". 😓

I started to look in my mind for resources and people to HELP me figure THIS STUFF OUT.I need some new tools! I need some more marketing techniques and books. I have to master click-funnels! Ooh I heard there's a seminar on something like that... better sign up for that... 🤔

And then I caught myself. For a moment, and I do mean just for a moment, my thinking looked very very real to me and I was reacting to the thinking and creating solutions ....from a place of insecurity. I sat with that for a while. 🤫

A week later, I was on an online group call with my Mentor Michael Neill and I told him about my "thing". And I don't quite remember what he said, but he said something along the lines of "I don't think your Inner GPS changes". 😮

My world stopped for a moment. There was a moment of clarity. Crystal clear. 💎

"North Is North". The reason a compass is valuable is that NO MATTER where you are on the planet a compass will always point NORTH, regardless of your thinking and what you believe about yourself or the world. A compass doesn't care, it's built based on universal principles. ⚡

I saw for myself... that NO MATTER what my thinking looks like to me, and how BIG or small the issue in front of me looks... North is always going to be North. And I can RELY on that to guide me to the next step. And that's all I need.... just the NEXT STEP. 🚶

Just for Today; ✅

- Reflect on "What currently looks like overwhelm to you right now?" ✅

- Slow down, put down your thinking (just for today) and see if you can get back in touch with your inner guidance and wisdom. ✅

- What do you hear? What do you see? ✅

I hope this was helpful to you (and let me know if it was) 🙏🏻

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