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Today, I run a boutique coaching and consultancy company.


I work with a few 1-1 clients a year that move and inspire me. My clients come from all over the world.


I work with corporate companies and help them develop bespoke leadership development programs for their top executives.


I work with organizations such as the YPO (Young President's Organization), Hubba Co-Working Space, BrandNow Asia and the Sheraton Grande Hotel to create unique transformational workshops for their communities.


I hire and work with world-class Coaches that help me grow in powerful ways. I am the founder of Super Coach Asia, which is a community of and for leading coaches in Asia. My vision is to create a space for coaches in Asia to come together, connect, collaborate and create. It's also a space for coaches to take their businesses to the next level. 


Through Super Coach Asia, I have helped countless coaches start their businesses, sign their first high paying clients and I even helped one coach create his first 10,000 USD month. I also own a Taekwondo Academy called Super 7 Taekwondo that has 5 branches around Thailand and has over 100 active students.

My business is currently steadily making 5 figures and is on track to do 6 figures by the end of 2019.

And MOST importantly, I am having so much FUN creating magic in my business and with the people I work with. I really love my business. 


however, I remember when i starteD
5 years ago on my own...

I made the decision to be a professional coach. I completed my year-long coaching certification. I paid A LOT of money for various online courses, webinars and in-person seminars. I didn't feel like I was enough, so I thought that if I consumed enough courses and information - it would make me good enough to have a thriving coaching business. It didn't.


I did a lot of peer coaching because it was safe and I did some paid coaching. I was really excited and motivated to share my gifts to the world and help more people thrive, yet I was stuck.


The coaching school I went to kind of gave me an idea of how to market myself online; make a great looking website, make a catchy Instagram account, write great blog posts, create insightful videos yet it was not creating the clients that I desired and my coaching business wasn't really creating the wealth and abundance that I imagined.


Creating clients felt frustrating and foreign; I didn't know where to look or how to begin and approaching my ideal clients who were vision driven leaders just intimidated me. Charging high fees for my coaching felt scary and awkward. I felt like a fraud to ask for high fees - I mean, who was I to ask for more than a 1,000 USD for coaching? It was easier to ask for a few hundred dollars per month.


I looked online for courses or support in growing my coaching business and the amount of information was OVERWHELMING. I secretly compared myself to all the other coaches out there who 'looked' like they had it made - and I wondered why not me? Why couldn't I create a thriving business like them? What was I missing?


For a moment it felt like my coaching business was forever going to be a part-time gig and I would never make enough money to support myself or my dreams full-time.

You are far more closer to success than you think

2x Things happened that helped me create, what to me felt like an exponential SHIFT in my coaching business.

No.1 I read the Prosperous Coach by Rich Litvin & and Steve Chandler.

When I read this book, I felt like I found my TRIBE of coaches. I learned how to create a thriving coaching practice through word of mouth by serving clients powerfully. I learned how to structure my coaching practice that would allow me to go from being a part-time coach to being a full-time coach! I learned the ART of DEEP COACHING. I learned how to go from looking for clients to CREATING CLIENTS that INSPIRED me. This book gave me the foundation for building a successful coaching practice.

No.2 I hired Christina Berkley to be my coach.

I first saw Christina Berkley in this youtube video being interviewed by Rich Litvin and in that moment, I felt something. I felt an inclination to connect with Christina and learn more about her. When I did connect with her, I was blown away by her presence, her sincerity, her kindness, her power, her grace, the way she showed up as a coach, her depth, her intuitiveness, and the way she was comfortable being who she really was. She was the first person I ever spoke to that I felt a deep desire to ask her to hire me as a client. 

The Prosperous Coach helped me create a foundation for a strong coaching practice. Christina helped me make an EXPONENTIAL IMPACT on my coaching practce. 

I joined her Hatch Program. I tripled the money that I invested, I reinvested the money and hired her to be my personal coach. 

From her I learned how to create an impact. I learned how to be a King in my life and in my business; I don't have anything to prove, I come from love and service, I am fearless in creating magic in the world, I am equal to everyone I desire to connect with, especially those who are more successful than me. 

Most importantly, she taught me to SERVE POWERFULLY.

WHat is super coach pro?

Super Coach Pro is a High-Performance Business Accelerator,

designed to give coaches who are just starting out in their business a critical BOOST to help them create a strong foundation to build a coaching practice that THRIVES

This is what a THRIVING coaching practice looks like to me; 


- You no longer look for clients, you CREATE clients.

- You work with clients that INSPIRE you.

- You know how to create momentum in your coaching business. Your business GROWS WITH YOU.

- You understand the mindsets of your dream clients.

- You operate from a wealth warrior mindset in creating money in your coaching business.

- You understand the ART OF MAKING THINGS HAPPEN.

- You understand the ART OF DEEP COACHING

- Your COACHING becomes your ART. You express it with joy, passion, curiosity and mastery.

- You connect with people easily and effortlessly.

- You create a lifestyle that you ENJOY (You buy what you want and when you want. You eat what you want and where you want. You travel when and where you want.)

- You dream bigger than you have ever dreamed, and you are taking tinier steps than you have ever taken towards your goals.

- You can afford to hire world-class coaches of your own.

- You've learned powerful distinctions to help your business thrive such as "Slow Down To Speed Up".

- You are ENJOYING YOUR JOURNEY. You are no longer waiting to be happy when you achieve your goals.

- You know how to grow a thriving community of

people that inspire you.

- You understand that confidence comes from DOING the thing, rather than something to wait for.

- You have a deep understanding of the way life works. 

- You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing protect.

- You create a new way of looking at business that SUPPORTS YOU.

- You create a relationship with money that EMPOWERS YOU.

- You operate in your business with a sense of ease, grace and FLOW.

- You are a POWERFUL creator that understands the seasons of your business. You understand when it is time to GROW and when it is time to slow down and do inner work.

Super Coach Pro is inspired by the works of;

Rich Litvin
Christina Berkley

Michael Neill


How does super coach pro work?
  • A powerful mastermind group of 8 coaches who are READY to CREATE the coaching business they envision. The 8 coaches are hand selected and screened by me. Together we will pool our experience, insights, creativity, power and strengths to propel each other to SUCCESS.

  • 3x 2 hour LIVE sessions a month via ZOOM, with 1 week off.

  • Unlimited e-mail, text and spot coaching from me.

  • Private Facebook "Super Coach Pro" Group to connect with each other, Super Coach Pro Alumni and share resources.

  • One-on-one and group coaching during our LIVE session.

  • Powerful coaching with me and with your peers in the group.

  • Weekly feedback to keep you accountable to your vision.

  • Weekly homework challenges to help you grow your coaching business.

  • BONUS resources and materials to help your coaching business THRIVE AND PROSPER.​

  • Duration: 6 months.


Super Coach PRO elements

​Element 1: THE 3 PRINCIPLES

It's easier to play the game if you know the rules of the game. Creating a deep understanding of The 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought are KEY to creating a foundation for effortless success for yourself and your clients. Understanding the Mind will give you access to the infinite creative potential of the universe. Understanding Consciousness will give access to new levels of awareness, reflection and a better understanding of what's going on around you. Understanding Thought will help you and your clients bring to life your biggest dreams into physical manifestation with ease, grace and flow. 


The biggest leverage in your coaching business is YOU. If you want to be more successful as a coach you will need to make a bigger impact in the conversations you are having with your clients. You make a bigger impact by BEING more impacted yourself. You will learn to MASTER the Art of Deep Coaching. WE will go DEEP together, because you can't take a client deeper than you have gone yourself.


Castles built in sand by the sea will wash away. We want your business to GROW and THRIVE. To do this we need to create a NEW way of thinking about business and money. We will dive deep into this and look at what is the REAL purpose of money and how businesses REALLY work. You will create a new of seeing money that SERVES YOU. We will create a new way of seeing business that SUPPORTS YOU. You will learn to help your clients do the same.


We do not look for clients. We create clients. We work with clients who inspire us. You will learn to MASTER the Prosperous Coach approach and apply it to your clients' businesses as well. You will create a thriving business by invitation and referral - no online marketing required. You will MASTER the ART OF THE PROPOSAL so that when the time comes to propose for fees that currently seem impossible - you'll do it with grace and a smile.


Here is the thing people don't talk about in the coaching community. It is lonely. The deeper you go, the higher level of mastery you create for yourself and your business - the lonelier it gets. It's the nature of the game. That's why you will be in a community of high-performers and you will LEARN to create your OWN COMMUNITY of amazing, wonderful and inspired people! You will learn to create events for your audiences to meet you both online and offline. You will learn to curate your tribe. You will learn to challenge your tribe to GROW.

Element 6: FUN

This is the MOST important element of all! You will learn to have fun while you create your thriving coaching business. If you're not having fun along the way, it won't be worth it when you get there.


Your investment to join "Super Coach Pro" will be 3,500 USD.

Your investment to join "Super Coach Pro Plus" will be 4,000 USD

Super Coach Pro Plus gives a bonus of 6x One-on-One coaching sessions with me. 1x Per Month during the program.

But this program is not for everyone. 

Enrollment into Super Coach Pro is not first come, first serve. I am looking for 6 - 8 individuals who are ambitious, love to take action, have an inspiring vision, and are ready to invest in themselves and are ready to take their coaching business to the next level.

If it's a "Hell-Yes!!!" contact me and request an interview
to join Super Coach Pro.

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