The Inside Out Conversation

What if?

Well-being is not the fruit of something you do; it is the essence of who you are. There is nothing you need to change, do, be, or have in order to be happy. - Michael Neill

What if you could create BETTER results with less stress, less
pressure and more ease?

What if you grow your business by having more fun?

What if you could make better decisions?

What if you could spend more time in flow?

What if creating things in the world didn't have to be damn hard?


What if you could create a better connection to your inner wisdom?

What would be possible?

This is THE CONVERSATION that changed my life and helped take myself and my career to the next level. This Conversation helped me create a deep understanding of how the mind works; I re-discovered my own inner-well being, and I learned the art of effortless achievement, which is creating without the mental struggle of stress and pressure. This Conversation helped me to go beyond the how-to's, the strategies, or traditional models of success. This Conversation helped me tap into a level of flow that I now enjoy all the time.

However, I remember what it was like for me before I learned about the Inside Out Understanding.

For the longest time, I believed that in order to create big things in my life, I needed to THINK BIG, PLAY BIG and be able to take the stress and pressure that came with it.


To prepare myself for this level of being, I needed to learn ALL the techniques and tools to create a powerful mindset that would allow me to manifest my desired success. This included visualizations, affirmations, incantations, guided meditations, and whatever else everyone else was doing that I thought were helping them create success, which allowed them to have what I really wanted… which was to be happy and satisfied with where I am.


It never happened. I was never satisfied with where I was. I was always chasing success. I burnt out often from pushing so hard for long periods of time.


Somewhere along the way, this process started to not make sense. So I opened myself to receive a better way of being or at least a deeper understanding of the human potential that would help me create clarity. And then I read ‘Super Coach’ by Michael Neill and I was introduced to the Inside Out Understanding of The Mind, Consciousness, and Thought. I wasn’t sure exactly what these 3 principles were but I knew it felt good to learn about them, so I studied everything that Michael Neill wrote, I studied every online course he did and I studied every YouTube video he made. I started to connect with other people, coaches, and mentors who also understood the Inside Out Understanding. And somewhere along this journey, I realized I was happy with where I was. I was no longer worried about things, in fact, I was worried that I wasn’t worried about stuff. I felt more at… peace.


The best way to describe it is like walking around with the feeling of meditation without needing to meditate.


I found myself creating things and manifesting things into my life effortlessly, not because I needed to prove anything but because it simply brought me joy. I became a much more powerful coach. I won a Bronze Medal at the Thai National Olympics in Taekwondo. I grew my business by 300%. Everything just seemed to FLOW for me.


The thing that brought it ALL together for me was BEING IN the Conversation with coaches, and mentors who walked the understanding before me.. It wasn’t enough to just study the Inside Out Understanding… I had to EXPERIENCE it with other people, learn from THEIR JOURNEY and develop a deeper understanding within myself. They say people are only a reflection of you, showing you what you need to learn, improve, and what limits to overcome within yourself.


This helped me go from ‘concept’ to ‘understanding’, to KNOWING, and then most importantly, living and executing it. This is where my transformation occurred.

let's go deeper

I’ve decided to create a 3-month group coaching program around the Inside Out Understanding.


This program will give you the opportunity to be IN the Conversation, experience your own insights, realize your own well-being, create a deeper connection with your inner wisdom, give easier access to your flow and help you step into a way of being that allows for effortless achievement, which is not an avoidance of physical effort but the PRACTICE towards an absence of mental struggle.


In this program, we are going to focus less on ‘how to live’ and focus more on creating a new understanding of how life works. This understanding will lead to you taking new actions in your life, in your business, in your relationships and appreciating new possibilities in the lives of the people around you. You’ll be able to see clearly what it is you have going for you and what it is you are up against. You’ll be able to share this clarity with those around you as well.


To help me with creating a program that would really allow us to dive deep into the Inside Out Understanding of the Mind, Consciousness, and Thought...


I have invited Rachel Furman from Los Angeles, California to facilitate and guide us in the Conversation.

Who is Rachel Furman?

Rachel Furman (RPh, MA in Spiritual Psychology, SCPC, 3P facilitator )


Rachel is a soul-centered inside-out resilience coach, an international speaker, an artist and an author.


She brings a deep understanding of the human mind and a refreshing practical point of view to life’s important issues and challenges.


She is based in Studio City and is working with clients in the US Israel Europe South America Asia and Australia.


She specializes in work/life-related stress, anxiety, loss, and grief. She has worked with Israeli War veterans, coaches, teachers, lawyers, doctors, team leaders, entrepreneurs, artists, and at-risk youth.


Using her vast experience, broad education, and delightful sense of humor to facilitate positive transformation and growth for individuals and groups, she is currently working to reduce suffering in women with trauma to do with life, health challenges, harassment and/or abuse.

what will be doing?

In this is a 3 Month Group Program;


We will meet 2x per week for 3 weeks. 6 sessions in total.

We will meet for 1.5 - 2 hours in each session via Zoom Call.

Each call will be recorded and made available for you to listen to again and again.


We will have a private facebook group to keep in touch, share, motivate, and inspire daily or as much as you want.


You will dive deep into the Inside Out Understanding around topics that include; High-Performance, Business, and Living a More Impactful Life (with less stress, less pressure and more grace).

You will have the opportunity, with like-minded people, to explore, to share, to expand, to SLOW DOWN your racing mind, and discover ways to CREATE more. Most of all, you will HAVE FUN!

Here's what people are saying

Rachel is a warm, prudent, experienced and authentic coach who has the ability to artfully convey her insights and perspectives. She uses lots of metaphors and images in her philosophies which help you to grasp her ideas and live with it. Her absolute confidence and presence during her sessions engage the participants and allow them to interact freely and powerfully. I definitely had an empowering experience with Rachael. She inspired me. I recommend everyone to experience first hand, her wisdom, love and grace. - Sona A.

Inside Out conversation is an open mind program. Speaking with Rachel was like diving deep into a beautiful journey. I learned that People don't need to be fixed. They just need to be woken up because the spirit from inside is more powerful and abundant that anyone can imagine. I now feel inspired to help my clients create a happy journey from the inside-out. I highly recommend this program. This program is for everyone looking to remember who they really are and connect at a deeper level. - Aisha Sah

This is an amazing group with thought-provoking questions and beautiful comments in a safe and secure zone with Rachel and Nikon. It opens up new ideas and it's a good soundboard for sharing and collaborating powerful ideas. Their unique coaching helps to shed light on difficult issues and challenging questions that push us deeper into our own way of being and our soul own instead of living in our mind or within our comfort zone. It challenges us to step out of what we have been programmed to do from a young age from a well-meaning society where the heart and the head can work together in the present moment instead of competing against each other as the ego wants us too. I highly recommend joining this group. The dynamic is both fun, exciting, and respectful of other people's time, space, and differences in ideas. - Kate

What's next?

If this program is a HELL-YES for you, please read on.


Currently, we are not running the program. We plan to do the 2nd edition of the Inside Out Conversation towards the end of year. Stay tuned!

Fees: 150 USD.

If you are ready to be IN the Inside Out Conversation, please connect with me here; connect.


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