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Your True
Full Potential
You are a way bigger deal than you think you are


Oftentimes the biggest obstacle that keeps us from living a life full of possibility is a simple misunderstanding of the way our minds work. Once you understand this, you naturally thrive, produce better results with less mental effort, less stress, more ease and more grace. 


Intrested? I'll show you how. 

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First Free Tuesdays

  • Date: First Tuesday of every month

  • Time: 10 pm BKK / 7 am PST / 3pm UK

  • Where: Online (Zoom)

On the first of every Tuesday of the month, I'm offering a free, 60-minute open office hour session. You can ask me anything you want. Get coaching on a challenge you are facing or get insight on something

you want to create.

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Free Course:
Your Inner Power

7 Powerful conversations with
Nikon Gormley & Stef Cybichowski 

This course will reveal the mechanics underlying the human experience and the paradigm-shifting concept of "State-of-Mind." You'll learn to transcend stress and embrace innate ease, while also exploring the barriers to creativity and the role of Insight in unlocking your true, limitless potential.

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Your Brilliance Unleashed

  • A 2-Day Leadership Immersion

  • 24-25 August 2024

  • Bangkok, Thailand

  • 2x Bonus 1-1 Coaching Sessions

What would you do if you could spend more time at your best? What impact would that have on your work, career, business, and teams?

Join us for an exclusive 2-day immersive experience designed to help Executive Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Tech Founders, C-Suite Leaders, Business Owners, and Solo-Preneurs uncover the source of their innate brilliance, enabling them to create better results with less mental effort, less stress and more joy.

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Coaching Programs

I specialize in Principles-based coaching rooted in the 3 Principles understanding, designed to create remarkable results in both your personal and professional life.


By gaining clarity on the source of your experiences, you naturally become less fearful and anxious. This allows you to feel more confident and aligned, which leads to a more insightful approach to life, work, business and relationships.


My coaching programs are tailored to help you revolutionize the way you show up to life. You'll discover how to achieve success in your personal and professional life faster, with a greater sense of ease, grace, and flow.

What Clients Say

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Nikon has fresh and positive perspectives that can turn your greatest failure into an opportunity of success. And he has wisdom to help you turn your impossible dream into a tangible and even more beautiful reality. 


International Supermodel, Coach, Speaker, Author, and Singer

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What if you could experience new levels of growth with better performance, less stress, less pressure and more joy?

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