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What if breakthroughs in your business were common place?

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I believe that business leaders, teams and organizations are able to make a much bigger impact with the work that they do than they know.

The biggest area that I see holding them back is a simple misunderstanding of why and how we experience what we experience.

I see how effective leaders, teams and organizations can be when they really learn how to work in harmony with life and its natural rhythm.

They naturally thrive, they produce better results with less stress, less time and more joy. You can experience these benefits too.

"Any company's greatest untapped resource is the innate wisdom, health and capacity for insight in it's people" - Invisible Power by Ken Manning, Robin Charbit, & Sandra Krot

What's on offer?

Over the years, I've had the privilege and the pleasure to work closely with business leaders and their teams from all over the world. And through a "Principles-Based-Approach" I have helped them create impact in the following areas;


  • Increased complex problem-solving ability

  • Improved critical thinking

  • Higher levels of creativity and flow

  • Improved quality of communication and
    people management


  • Higher levels of emotional resiliency

  • Better performance (Eg. Sales, Project Execution etc)

  • More intuitive decision-making abilities

  • Better productivity; achieve more by doing less

  • Accelerated personal and professional growth

  • Unlock new capabilities

Business Team Success Achievement Arm Ra

Ways that we can work together​

1. Business Cataylst Intensive (One-on-One)

2.5x day professional retreat for leaders, business owners, and entrepreneurs who have a deep desire to tap into their hidden potential for accelerated growth and well-being.

This program is designed to be a catalyst for your personal development and growth.

We'll do that by first helping you to you to slow down and disengage from the busy-ness of your mind.

Second, we'll explore the principles that create your experience to help you facilitate new insights around your biggest challenges and biggest opportunities in your life and business.

Third, you'll learn how to move and groove in the world with with greater levels of clarity, wisdom and grace.

Lastly, you'll learn how to partner-up with and tune into your inner guidance, so you'll never have to tackle your challenges alone again. 

During the two and half days you will stay at a 5 Star Hotel in Bangkok City (Included in the program) where you will have one-on-one sessions with me twice each day.

Breaks will be provided between sessions, where you have time to reflect on the insights gained from our conversations. There will be supporting materials provided to help facilitate what you are learning and seeing in our sessions.


Lastly you will have 2x follow up one-on-one sessions to help integrate your experience from the intensive.

Fees Begin at 5,500 USD

Coach motivate to personal development,

2. High Performance Team Development

What is the process?

1. Introductory Call; We'll schedule time to explore what's really at stake for you and your company. We'll look at what you would hope to acheive by working with me.

And from our conversation and reflection I'll share what I see as being possible for you and your company. Then I'll share how I work and what you can expect moving forward.

By the end of the call, we'll create an agreement on objectives and outcomes for working together. 

2. Fact Finding; To get a better sense of your business and organization, I'll do short 30 min intake interviews with people from your organization. I want to understand their challenges, objectives, processes, and the issues involved.

I want to get a good sense of your organization's culture as well. This will help make the content shared in the main program relevant to you and your team.

3. Main program; The main theme for each program is focused on exploring how the mind works; seeing who we truly are from the inside out, and understanding where our experience is coming from moment to moment.

The program usually starts with a 3x Day Intensive followed by follow up sessions. The sessions include presentations and discussions around the main topics.

The sessions are highly engaging, allows participants the space for their own insights and inspires application of what they are learning.

4. Follow Up; Follow ups help me to check in with you as an individual and an organization to see where you are with your learning and the results that are being created.

It's a chance to support you on areas that you and your organization are stuck on. Follow ups also act as on-going learning, mentoring and support for participants as well.

Why does it work?

The BIGGEST issue that most teams and companies over look that has the most impact on team performance is a lack mental wellbeing with in the team.


It's tricky because it's an invisible problem that you only experience when symptoms start occuring.

Symptoms of a lack of mental wellbeing often manifest in a company's team in the form of higher levels of stress, lack of motivation, burnout, problems with communication and an over-all drop in performance.


Because Leaders will experience the symptoms first, they will rush to try and heal the symptoms with quick fixes (that never last) because the real cause is over-looked; a lack of mental wellbeing within the team

The solution is to tap into your company's greatest untapped resource, which is the innate wisdom, innate health and capacity for insight in your people.


When your teams get a sense of the inside-out nature of their experience, they are less insecure and tap into a greater level of resilience, clarity, and well-being.

When the bar of mental well-being is raised, teams are much more able to follow and be impacted by effective leadership, which leads to better performance with less stress, less pressure and more joy.

Fees range from 60,000 - 30,000 USD


If any of the things that I have mentioned above sound interesting to you and you would like to know more, I invite you to connect with me. I would love to know more about you, your business, your team and the impact you would like to make with your business.

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