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Catapult Your Coaching To the Next Level

This 1:1 coaching mentorship is a 4-month program just for new coaches who are ready to take their coaching ability and their coaching business to the next level of impact and income. 

You've just completed your coaching training and you're ready for the next level. Now what?

Welcome to my coaching mentorship program! My mission is to help you begin your coaching journey with confidence, reducing the overwhelm that often comes with not knowing where to start. I'm here to bring clarity to all your challenges and lay the groundwork for a successful coaching practice that will thrive for years to come (we're all about sustainable success – no get-rich-quick schemes here!). With mentorship, you'll receive personalized support and step-by-step guidance to turn your coaching dreams into reality. 

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With this mentorship,
you will master:

Functionality You Will Love

The Business Side of Coaching

  • How to create coaching packages (content, length, price, and marketing) that actually sell.​

  • Where to look to find prospects for your coaching business (clients) when you are new.​

  • How to do sales (understanding sales) without feeling salesy.

  • How to position and brand themselves; getting clear on the problems they love to solve and the value it creates for their clients. 

  • How to start creating credibility for themselves and their expertise.

  • How to start building a personal network that creates opportunities on auto-pilot.​

  • How to structure your coaching business for success in the long run.​

  • How to enjoy all of the above with less stress, less pressure and more grace.

The coaching Side of Coaching

  •  Feeling like an imposter (who am I to help the people I want to help)​

  • How to actually help your clients get results that will change their lives AND have them tell everyone about how you helped them.​

  • How to have a deeper appreciation and understanding of 2x things that actually make a difference; i) To see who and what we truly are from the inside out. ii) To understand where our experience is coming from, moment to moment.​

  • How to master the 3x keys to transformative coaching; Grounding, Noticing, and Pointing.​

  • How to enjoy all of the above with less stress, less pressure and more grace.​


I help you to have greater...











How does it work?

Step 1: A Deeper Understanding

First we'll spend time together in a 2.5x day intensive where we will develop a deep understanding of the principles behind human behavior.


We'll explore the implications of how these principles relate to coaching, challenges, leadership, creating results, impact, growth, creativity, innovation, business and success.

Through exercises, discussion and activities we bring the principles to life and see them in action.

Lastly, we'll harness the power of insight to accelerate your own growth and development (open up even more space for your intuition to engage with the world)

Step 2: Personalized Attention


The rest of the time you'll get 60-90 min bi-weekly coaching and mentoring sessions with me.


In these sessions, we will deepen your learning, foster insights, stimulate innovation, and address challenges or opportunities that are present.


In these sessions, we'll also look at Business-Building Topics such as creating coaching packages, building a powerful personal network, falling in love with sales, marketing, branding, positioning, business development and building credibility,

And then we will look at Mentoring Topics, such as h
elping your clients get the results they want, creating more impact with less mental effort, deep listening, understanding what's really in the way of your client's success, seeing the obstacles (and over-coming them), pointing your clients to their true nature and guiding your clients to have a deeper understanding of how their minds work.

Step 3: Supervision

You'll receive 4x Supervision Sessions. This is where you record a session with your client and submit it to me for review.


You will also review it on your own. Then we will come together for the purpose of developing and improving your key coaching skills; Grounding, Noticing, and Pointing. Help your clients create better results. You’ll learn how to do this for yourself moving forward as well.

Step 4: Apprenticeship

You'll also get 2x Guest Coaching Sessions by Nikon. This is where I will personally coach your clients while you observe. Afterwards, you and I will explore together what you noticed. You will get to ask me questions about the coaching. The purpose of this is to accelerate your learning and coaching ability

The above 4x points form the bulk of our journey together. In this journey you will learn invaluable tools, and skills, to help you build your dream coaching practice. You will also learn how to make space for game-changing insights that will help you thrive in your business with a greater sense of ease, grace and wonder. 

This is the same process that I've used to help aspiring coaches kick-start their coaching practices and grow exponentially.

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Notable coaches who I have mentored include:

Sarah Kostin (Renowned Transformational Coach, 3P Practitioner, Speaker, & Author, USA)

Miriam Sornprommas (Renowned Transformative Coach, Singer, Musician, International Super Model and Author, Thailand)

Amarit Charoenphan (Renowned Founders Coach, Angel Investor, Speaker, Celebrated Founder & ASEAN Director of Impact Collective, Thailand)

Paul Meyers (Renowned Founders Coach based in SE Asia, & Celebrated Founder, Singapore)

Hongyok Chimphan (Coach, Founder, Speaker, Author, & ICF President, Thailand)

Inga Panovaite (Renowned Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Artist, Photographer, Writer and Speaker, Germany)


The investment for this program is between $6,000 - $10,000 USD. And In order to be a good candidate to get the results with this program you must;

  • Have already completed some form of coaching training (Any 3 Principles based Coaching Training is a plus)

  • Have a track record of success in your career, business or personal life (even if its not where you want to be yet).

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If you're ready...

If you're ready to take your coaching career to the next level, my mentorship program is tailor-made for you. It's designed to empower you on both the business and coaching fronts, ensuring that you can make a more significant impact while boosting your income.


Elevate your coaching journey, make a more profound difference, and increase your income - it's all within reach with the coaching mentorship program.


Let's talk. 

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