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1 -1 Personal Genius Catalyst

Awaken your inner potential to seize opportunities for good fortune

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I have a great 1-1 program for ambitious and successful business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who are not only feeling overwhelmed, stressed and unsatisfied with their success, but are searching for a deeper level of understanding about themselves and life itself.

They also feel like they are not on track to fulfilling their potential in life (or what they’re here to do). They feel tired of just living life day-by-day. They are ready to play the game of life and expand their horizons.

They feel a call to connect with themselves at a deeper level. To unleash
 their true, full potential.

The goal of this program is to get you immediately feeling less stressed and less under pressure with where you are now. The program is designed to guide you to awaken your potential so that you can bring to life your goals and dreams with a greater sense of ease and grace (more flow).

At a deeper level, this program is a catalyst for you to connect with your True Nature and live a wonderful life.


The program is 4x months. Here are the steps we will focus on:


Step 1.

We’ll spend time together and take a fresh look at what you really want and what’s really stopping you from getting there.

When you use a GPS to plan your trip, the very first thing you do is tell it where you are, then tell it where you want to go and then the GPS takes care of the rest. 

Then we will spend time exploring a) How the mind actually works through the 3 Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. And b) How thought creates our experience, moment to moment. 

This understanding will give you a powerful foundation to navigate life from a space that is easier, gentler, more graceful and far more powerful.

When you really understand how the game of life is played, it becomes far easie
r to play the game. Understanding the mechanics behind the human experience is the greatest accelerator to you living a more wonderful life.


Step 2.

You will learn a very simple yet powerful process for getting out of your own way and tapping into the space where insights flow. I'll guide you to slow down your thinking and experience a powerfully quiet mind. 

As you’re progressing towards your next goal, I’ll point you to notice where you are stopping yourself with worry, insecurity, and doubt.

Then I’ll point you to notice all that you have going for you in the moment. And then I’ll point you back to your unlimited creative potential and capacity for insight. 

This space, this connection to your deeper innate wisdom will help you unlock new capabilities and possibilities within yourself. 


Step 3.

One the biggest ways ambitious and driven people get in their own way is they over-complicate and over-think their journey towards your goals.

For the rest of our time together, I’ll help you steer clear of this obstacle by helping to keep identifying the next steps towards your goal by helping you navigate life with a higher level of clarity of mind.

When you have clarity of mind, you can move mountains; your actions become way more powerful and impactful. I’ll guide you to slow down and trust your inner nudges.

Outcomes we will aim for in this program:

  • Understand how your mind works: When you can see and understand how your mind works, you’ll get a better sense of how life works. When you know how the game works, the game is infinitely easier to play and enjoy.

  • Peace of Mind: You will cultivate the ability and keen sense to see through your own habitual ways of thinking that cause anxiety, doubt, fear, worry, and depression.

    You will develop the ability to bounce back faster from challenges and align with hope, joy, resilience, confidence, peace, well-being and calm.


  • Overcome self-doubt and “imposter syndrome”: You'll be able to tap into the feeling of who and what you really are, your True Nature. Your true, full potential.

    You’ll learn how to operate from this space more of the time. You won’t need to be anything other than yourself. You’ll come to recognize that who you are is WAY more than enough.


  • More ease and grace. Less stress. Less pressure: Experience your work, your business, your relationships and your life with a greater sense of ease and grace. You will be guided to slow down and really appreciate all that you have going for you, moment to moment.

    When you come from this space, you achieve more with less effort, less pressure and in less time. You will realize more opportunities for good fortune.


  • Overcome burnout. Have more energy. You will be guided to tap into a renewable source of energy within you that will allow you to go further, and go faster. You’ll be able to build a much higher level of momentum with less interference. 

  • Clarity: Fear, doubt and worry leads your brain to feeling overwhelmed because it’s trying to figure a way to solve the worry. It’s like being stuck in the mud and spinning your wheels.

    You will be guided to significantly raise your level of consciousness and give you a bigger, clearer perspective of life. This will help you navigate life with a higher level of clarity. It’s easier to create what you want when you can see better.


  • Grounding: You will be experience a deep sense of grounding within yourself. You will be able to tap into your true, full potential and expand its expression in your day-to-day life.

    You will become more equipped to navigate and make the most of life's opportunities. You will be able to overcome challenges as they occur, faster. You will be able to stay on track as you do your best and deepest work.


  • Success: Ultimately you will be supported to take yourself, your life, your business and your success to the next level. This program will open you to a whole new world of possibilities.

Does it work?⁣

For the past 15+ years, I have worked with clients to secure lucrative career positions, improve sports performance, compete at the Olympics, have better relationships with themselves and others, launch dream businesses, become better and leaders, increase the annual revenue of their businesses, and even find love.⁣

The biggest and most rewarding shift that I've seen in the people I've worked with is that I see them
become more settled within themselves. ⁣

They are less anxious, less stressed, less under pressure. They are more alive to life. They have more energy. They feel more inspired to do cool things with their life.⁣

What's next?


The investment for this program is between 5,000 to 3,000 USD. And In order to be a good candidate to get the results with this program you must;

  • Be an experienced business owner, entrepreneur or leader.

  • Have something you are working on or working towards.

  • Have a track record of success in your business or role (even if it's not exactly where you want to be yet).

If you’re interested in this offer, I invite you to apply for a 1-1 discovery call.

Follow the directions and fill out the google form. Afterwards we'll connect on a 1-1 discovery call and we'll explore the possibility of us working together. 

*Very limited spaces available*

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