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Your Brilliance Unleashed

A 2 Day Leadership Immersion

24-25 August 2024 | Bangkok, Thailand

Over 2 days you will gain insights into...


  • More of you at your best

  • Greater results, with less effort, less stress and less pressure

  • Unlock your leadership potential

  • Be more energised and focused  with more enjoyment

  • Have more clarity and trust in yourself

  • Be free from overthinking and 'imposter syndrome'

Dates & Times

Saturday 24th - Sunday 25th August 2024
10.00 - 17.00 (Each Day)
Central Bangkok, Thailand


Early Bird: 55,000 THB (1,500 USD)
Valid until 10th August

Full Price: 73,300 THB (2,000 USD)

Special Offers

Bring a friend and get 20% off the price
Bring a team of 5 and the 5th person is free




When you register you get 2 free 1-1 coaching sessions.
1 session with myself (Nikon) and 1 session with Wyn

Our Point of View

Hey there,

If you are an Executive Leader, Entrepreneur, Tech Founder, C-Suite Leader, Business Owner, or Solo-Preneur, you might have asked yourself these types of questions:

  • How can I make a bigger impact with my leadership and work?

  • How do I create a balance between success, life and work?

  • How can I feel more fulfilled at work and in all parts of my life?

  • How can I be productive, inspirational, and creative without burning out?

Me too.

To find answers to those questions, I’ve looked high and low. I spent nearly two decades absorbing information, studying different leadership frameworks, learning about various psychological approaches, and diving deep into spiritual understandings.

It wasn’t until a mentor said this to me that things became much clearer: "The higher you want to go, the deeper your roots must be."

I even found the original quote:

"The higher one grows in their position, the deeper one has to go in their spiritual connection. The taller the building, the deeper and stronger the unseen foundation has to be." - Gaur Gopal Das

What does that even mean?

To me, it means to be still, go deeper within, and understand more profoundly the source of our innate brilliance—the thing that is actually driving our success. It’s about putting down what we think we know and taking a fresh look at ourselves, our work, our business, and our life with a quiet, calm, and at-ease mind.

It’s an exploration rather than adding information. It’s about making space for the right answers to land in our laps through insights and inner nudges.

The result?

I now feel more aligned, present, and clear. I also feel more energized than ever before. Things that used to look impossible now look like a fun game I’d like to give my best shot. I am far less attached to the outcomes, and I am more in love with the process—not because someone said it was a good idea, but because I really do see the process as the most fun part of creation.

I see my career and businesses growing with far less mental effort and far more engagement from me and my teams. If my work and business were a garden, the garden now feels more alive, and it’s easier to grow things. It’s thriving on its own rather than me constantly having to put fertilizer in it to force it to grow.

For Example (Case Study)

When I first started seeing the source of my innate brilliance, my Taekwondo business had about 4 locations and was steadily growing year by year. I remember thinking ‘It’s this much work to maintain 4 locations, I can’t imagine what it will be like to have 5 or 6 locations!’.

And at some point that didn’t look true to me anymore. I had an insight that if we did expand to more locations, my team and I would probably figure it out and that it would simply be ‘work’ not ‘hard’ or ‘overwhelming’.

Soon after, the business expanded to 8 locations and 12 locations within 2-3 years. That’s 200% growth. We now teach 400-500 students a week. We now have a team of 25+ incredible instructors across Thailand.

The funny thing is my team and I don’t feel like we are working any harder than we were when we had 4 locations. If anything we feel we work less now than we did before. We have better systems in place, things feel smoother. We are steadily growing and expanding in ways that feel fun, creative and innovative.

The benefits from what I experienced and learned, I see available for everyone, especially leaders, if they are willing to slow down for a few days and explore with fresh eyes their goals, their approaches, their mindsets, and themselves.

This 2-day immersion is by no means a quick fix for major challenges or goals. It is taking a step back and taking a fresh look, which often does dissolve many of the challenges you are facing, and it makes the road ahead much easier and more enjoyable. The impacts of your insights will be felt for days, weeks, and months to come.

They say direction is far more important than speed. This is the ultimate ‘getting clear on direction by seeing more clearly’ experience.

I’ve travelled all around the world to experience this type of exploration with my teachers, mentors, and coaches, and now I am bringing this experience home to Thailand.

I hope you will join us.

Nikon Gormley
& Wyn Morgan

Nikon & Wyn at the 2024 World Listening Conference in Prague Czech Repunlic

This leadership immersion will be a perfect fit for you, IF

You’re a leader in some capacity. This experience is designed for those who lead teams, organizations, projects, communities or businesses.

You often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, distracted, stressed, trying to make yourself engaged in work, feeling there is more you could be doing but you don’t have the mental bandwidth or energy.

You want to play a bigger game. You want to make a bigger impact with your work, your time, and your attention. You want to make your time here on this planet meaningful.

Maybe you are tired of frameworks and formulas. You’ve read the books. You’ve taken the courses. You’ve tried the prescriptive advice and it didn’t make the impact you were hoping for. You want to go deeper. You want to explore. You want to understand what actually drives sustainable success.

You want to connect with like-minded people. You want to explore with people who also want to make an impact. You want to spend time with professionals who ‘get’ you.

This leadership immersion WILL NOT be a perfect fit for you, IF

You’re not a leader or you do not have any experience of leading people, teams, businesses or projects.

How does it work.png

How it works

We will get together for 2x days and through conversation and exploration, uncover insights that will deepen your roots, which in turn will help strengthen your foundations for your growth.

While we don’t have an end ‘destination’ to our immersion, we do have a ‘direction’.

Here are some of the topics we will be exploring together;

1) Discuss the nature of human performance 

2) Shine a light on what can hold us back

3) Break some myths we have about ourselves

4) Have a deep sense of what it feels like to be at our best

5) Share the insights we’ve had over the 2 days that will impact the rest of our lives the most

As a result, you’ll get clarity on the following topics (To prepare for our immersion, we asked leaders what would be helpful for us to explore together. Here are some of the things they shared):

How to create massive success while still maintaining a work-life balance (Because Elon Musk, Jensen Huang, etc are basically all saying you have to work really hard and sacrifice your relationship for years)?


How do you empower your teams?

What ways of teaching or leading can help maximize the potential of your teams?

How do I have better mental health while I create success in my work, career and life?

How do I have better emotional intelligence?


How to deal with stress and pressure from work?

How do you create harmony in the workplace?

How do I lower the turnover of talent?


How do I help my team be more engaged?

And much more…

Multi-Ethnic Group of People Planning Ideas.jpg

About Nikon & Wyn

If you are reading this and don't know who the both of us are or the work we do, here is background information about the both of us.

Nikon Gormley Profile Picture.png

About Nikon Gormley

Nikon Gormley is a Transformative Coach, Speaker, Educator, Entrepreneur, Taekwondo Master, and National Public Radio Host (Under the Ministry of Education of Thailand), based in Bangkok, Thailand. 

Nikon is known for guiding leaders, entrepreneurs, and business owners to realize their greatest resource; their innate wisdom, health and capacity for insight. 

Through loving and creative disruption, Nikon helps them experience greater ease, joy, and well-being in their life, business and impact. 

Founder of Innerspark Group (Coaching & Training)
Founder of Super 7 Taekwondo
Founder of Better Founders Community


Wyn Morgan Profile Picture.png

About Wyn Morgan

Wyn Morgan is a sought-after coach and consultant for businesses and private individuals from every continent of the world. 

As a Certified Master Transformative Coach, his ability to quickly identify true needs and create innovative, transformational changes that last has led him to a track record of delivering remarkable returns on investment from his work in corporations. 

His work strips away invisible blockages between people and their brilliance in all aspects of their professional and personal lives. 

In mentoring coaches and leaders, he has enabled them to bring out the best in their own colleagues and clients, creating a legacy of change that lasts, and results that matter. Since learning the 3 Principles behind how human beings work 12 years ago, Wyn’s work and his own life have been transformed.


Client Testimonials.png

Testimonials about Nikon & Wyn

Testimonials about Nikon Gormley

If you’re looking to be inspired, reinvigorated, or to come more alive in your work and in your life, Nikon Gormley’s unique approach to success, leadership, and personal well-being will spark your inner flame and free you up to let your own light shine!

Michael Neill
Founder & CEO of Genius Catalyst Inc,
Renowned Transformative Coach, Teacher,
Best Selling Author, & Thought Leader / USA

I met Nikon through Better Founders, Thailand, in 2022. In a few short months, through authentic and honest conversations, I’ve grown to look forward to my sessions with Nikon. In supporting each other’s growth, we explored concepts such as psychological safety, alignment, compassionate inquiry, and trust. Nikon co-facilitated my company’s annual retreat in 2022, and we have remained fast friends, supporting each other on our respective journeys in life, love, and work. 


Nikon’s humility, openness, and introspection are needed in an ever-evolving and chaotic world. I would encourage any leader looking to grow himself or herself to reach out and work with Nikon, or participate in his leadership immersion workshop or the Better Founders programs. 

Anne Cheng, PhD
CEO, Supercharge Lab
President, SUN Group International

Before working with Nikon, we were scaling fast, focusing purely on metrics, output, and growing our headcount rather than truly growing our managers and current and future leaders. As a result, we were not adequately prepared or equipped with the right skills for our own growth and that of our teams.

When I first discovered Nikon and his business, I experienced slight hesitation but quickly felt relief. Although our approaches and personalities were very different, we shared the same views on leadership and the effectiveness of a 2-day offsite to achieve transformation with our teams. This alignment made us a great fit for each other.

I decided to work with Nikon because of our shared mindset and approach to leadership. Additionally, the ability to conduct the workshop a week after our initial meeting was a significant advantage.

During our time working together, I learned invaluable lessons. I learned the importance of being present, taking a few seconds to think before speaking, especially to a group of important people, and deep listening, which our entire group is now practising—a massive win! I also learned how to communicate more openly with the team, create a safe environment for sharing ideas and truths, and how to think, act, and behave like a leader. Moreover, I learned how to run a workshop that isn’t solely focused on work, among many other things.

What sets Nikon’s coaching apart is his young, fresh approach that engages all participants, even the difficult ones, and encourages them to be truly present.

To anyone considering working with Nikon, I would say that his passion and deep knowledge of leadership and empowerment are both admirable and contagious. These qualities are delivered effectively and executed efficiently after the sessions.

Paul Trayman
Co-founder & COO of Fazwaz

Testimonials About Wyn Morgan


The simplicity and clarity that I experience in my conversations with Wyn Morgan are radiating a ripple effect through my leadership and in my roles as a board member and chairman of various companies.

Mathilde, Denmark (Chairman and executive board member of multiple businesses)


I have attended dozens of transformational events over the past ten years, and have easily spent thousands of hours in these experiences.

The event with you last weekend was the most powerful transformational event of my entire life.

From the start, there was a deep feeling of presence and connection, with none of the usual getting-to-know-you awkwardness of meeting a group of strangers.

Each person shared openly. 

There were tears, laughter and long moments of silence wherein the beauty of just being together in the quiet of our minds was transcendent.

I could clearly see that every single one of us was touched deeply and came away with greater peace of mind and a deeper understanding of how life works.


You set the tone of heartfelt presence and we stayed there consistently throughout the event. Each heartfelt share was an invitation to the others to do the same, and we said yes to it.

I have emerged from this event profoundly changed. 

Life looks simpler. The former mountains of my problems now seem easily solvable, and my self-limitations have dissolved.

This transformation didn't come from the content of the event or anything we said or did there. It came from going inside of me, and that heartfelt presence you came from was the gateway that made it the obvious place to look.

I now know more clearly than ever exactly where to look for whatever I might desire: the Space Within, the quiet mind, the stillness before thought.

I am forever grateful.

Portugal (Entrepreneur)


Following being coached by Wyn, I can give my highest recommendation for his services. He has helped me a lot both on a personal as well as a professional level, to manage a period in my life where there is significant change and turbulence, and the stress associated with that.

Wyn is a great listener who can then provide objective, highly valuable feedback on what he hears and sees, which is straight to the point of the issue, helping to reframe it and to see a new perspective.

It is this shift in perspective which has offered me the greatest value, once again, both on a personal level as well as professionally. The impact has been significant for me, and for this reason, I will continue working with Wyn for at least the rest of this year.

Thank you Wyn.

Switzerland (CEO)

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