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Don't Affirmation Fairy Me

"Don't Affirmation Fairy Me" I was talking to my colleague "Kryssie Thomson" about stuff that she was working through. We talked about how she noticed people liked to tell her affirmations to help her "feel better". And her internal response was "Don't Affirmation Fairy Me!!". I almost fell off my damn chair 🤣. And then the insight landed. Because affirmations bug the hell out of me too. And I never understood why ⚡ For me, when I am stuck in my thinking, like waaaay stuck in my thinking; it's dark, it's sad, it's scary, it's serious, and I'm fucked up because it all looks real to me in the moment. 😵 And when I share this with people, I too notice that they want to "affirmation fairy me" with nice empowering words. I think it's because me not being okay makes them feel uncomfortable or they just really like to help. On the receiving end of "Affirmations" I end up feeling judged and my feelings dismissed. 😔 Secretly...what actually makes me feel a little bit better is the thought of throat punching the person blessing me with affirmations. Don't tell them I said that. 🤫 And if you've ever blessed me with affirmations when I was stuck in my thinking, yes, I have visualized throat punching you. Now you know. 🥳 So I ask myself what would I really need to feel better? And the answer is quite simple. To simply settle down for a bit. 😌 "We are sitting in mental health" - Syd Banks. ❤️ Our natural state is grace. If we leave our thinking alone for a bit, it tends to settle down. And the next steps tend to reveal themselves. 🚶 Just for today ✅ The next time your friend is stuck in their thinking, pull up a chair and just be a friend. No need to fix them. No affirmation fairy-ing. Just show up. 😌❤️ If this was useful to you, please let me know. Drop your insights in the comments below. 👇🏻❤️
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