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Listening and Seeing with Nothing On Your Mind

In January of 2020, during the first Live-In-Person Intensive at Supercoach Academy in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, I had the wonderful opportunity to really experience listening with nothing on my mind and being listened to in the same way. It was... life changing. 😮 The feeling of really and truly being listened to by someone with nothing on their mind was a profound experience. I really felt heard and understood. I felt impacted by the quiet space that was created by the other person. The listener's quiet allowed space for my own mind to get quiet and go deep and create clarity for myself without the other person saying a word. 🤐 Who knew being impactful was this simple? ❤️ And the other night at Taekwondo training at RSR Taekwondo, I did an EXPERIMENT that has taken my Taekwondo game to the next level. 🥋 If I can LISTEN with nothing on my mind... what if I could SEE with nothing on my mind? 🤔 A LARGE part of Taekwondo, when you're not kicking people or getting kicked is sitting and watching other people kick other people. We call it studying and reading other people's game. It involves trying to figure out the other person's strategy in the moment, it's a lot of thinking and guessing. And when I slowed down and just watched with nothing on my mind... I saw... everything; nuances that I never noticed, the energy behind each player, the momentum of each player, what was being focused on and what wasn't. It was like a whole new world, right in front of my eyes. 🎉 Just for Today; ✅ Listen with nothing on your mind. ✅ Watch something with nothing on your mind. ✅ Notice what you notice. And please drop a comment below of your OWN experience of listening / seeing with nothing on your mind. ❤️ I hope this helps you make a difference (and let me know if it does). 🙏🏻
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