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Three Powerful Insights To Unlock Your Inner Wisdom For Success

I would like to invite you to explore with me three powerful Insights that have had a profound impact on me in terms of creating success for myself, my businesses and my clients. I hope that these insights will help you see something deeper about your own connection to your inner wisdom, I hope that you’ll walk away with fresh insights around what you may be up against and I hope you will see just how much you really have going for you.
Before we begin, let’s explore what Inner Wisdom is. To me, Inner Wisdom, Innate Genius, Mind, or Real-Time-Responsive-Intelligence is the energy behind all of life.

Life has a natural intelligence to it. It’s the energy that causes acorns to grow into oak trees, it’s the energy that has infants grow into adults. It’s the millions upon millions of miracles that occur in your body; your cells repairing themselves, the way your muscles and bones are designed to protect you, to help you walk.

It is what makes your heart beat, non-stop. It’s a central nervous system that connects everything. It’s the energy that allows all of that to happen without you having to micromanage any of it. You see, I have always known this, but I never really understood how it applied to me LIVING my life. I used to call myself a ‘high-performer’ and by ‘high-performer’, I mean I would work really hard at trying to make things happen in my life. I would grind, I would struggle, and I would consistently try to be better.

Wherever I was, it was never enough.

There was always a new goal to reach for and something better to achieve. Stress and pressure were my two best friends, up until I had an insight that this wasn’t a sustainable way to LIVE life.

I slowed down, and I came across an understanding called the Three Principles that changed the whole game for me. I read a book called “The Inside-Out Revolution” by Michael Neill, who later became my Mentor.

For the first time, I felt as if I had arrived home with myself. Michael Neill wrote about the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, which were first shared with the world by Sydney Banks. Sydney Banks was a Scottish welder in Canada who had an enlightenment experience and then later he began to share what he had experienced with the world.

Since I’d began to see what Syd was sharing and pointing to, my life has completely changed. I now live a life that is much more guided by wisdom, I’ve found that creating things in the world has become a much easier and pleasant experience, and I create better results in my life with a greater sense of ease and grace.