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Three Powerful Insights To Unlock Your Inner Wisdom For Success

I would like to invite you to explore with me three powerful Insights that have had a profound impact on me in terms of creating success for myself, my businesses and my clients. I hope that these insights will help you see something deeper about your own connection to your inner wisdom, I hope that you’ll walk away with fresh insights around what you may be up against and I hope you will see just how much you really have going for you.
Before we begin, let’s explore what Inner Wisdom is. To me, Inner Wisdom, Innate Genius, Mind, or Real-Time-Responsive-Intelligence is the energy behind all of life.

Life has a natural intelligence to it. It’s the energy that causes acorns to grow into oak trees, it’s the energy that has infants grow into adults. It’s the millions upon millions of miracles that occur in your body; your cells repairing themselves, the way your muscles and bones are designed to protect you, to help you walk.

It is what makes your heart beat, non-stop. It’s a central nervous system that connects everything. It’s the energy that allows all of that to happen without you having to micromanage any of it. You see, I have always known this, but I never really understood how it applied to me LIVING my life. I used to call myself a ‘high-performer’ and by ‘high-performer’, I mean I would work really hard at trying to make things happen in my life. I would grind, I would struggle, and I would consistently try to be better.

Wherever I was, it was never enough.

There was always a new goal to reach for and something better to achieve. Stress and pressure were my two best friends, up until I had an insight that this wasn’t a sustainable way to LIVE life.

I slowed down, and I came across an understanding called the Three Principles that changed the whole game for me. I read a book called “The Inside-Out Revolution” by Michael Neill, who later became my Mentor.

For the first time, I felt as if I had arrived home with myself. Michael Neill wrote about the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, which were first shared with the world by Sydney Banks. Sydney Banks was a Scottish welder in Canada who had an enlightenment experience and then later he began to share what he had experienced with the world.

Since I’d began to see what Syd was sharing and pointing to, my life has completely changed. I now live a life that is much more guided by wisdom, I’ve found that creating things in the world has become a much easier and pleasant experience, and I create better results in my life with a greater sense of ease and grace.
Yosemite National Park, United States - Unsplash - Jamie Street

Yosemite National Park, United States - Unsplash - Jamie Street

Here are three things that I’ve seen - that have helped create a deeper understanding of wisdom. And if you can see it, you’ll begin to experience wisdom and its benefits for yourself as well.
A big part of unlocking wisdom for yourself is understanding that you were never separate from wisdom to begin with. It is an innate part of who you are. Wisdom lives through you - it breathes through you. It’s a fundamental part of your moment to moment experience.
What I’ve seen and experienced, is that when most of us create things in the world, we think it’s ALL up to us to MAKE it happen. We think, “if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”, and what we don’t see is just how much stress and pressure that creates for us.

We spend so much time dealing with the stress and pressure that we MISS the magic that is right there in front of us, supporting us and guiding us. The trees cannot make the rain fall, yet it’s trusted that the rain will come and that they’ll thrive.

When we learn to surrender our control of the way we think things are supposed to be, we make space for wisdom. What then becomes available to us is often far more magical and beautiful than anything our thinking could have cooked up.
I first heard that from my mentor, Michael Neill. What I saw in wisdom being 98% unpredictable is that we really don’t have any control over how and when it shows up for us.

When and where do you get your best ideas? I’ve asked this question to all of my clients and while all of them have different answers, the most common ones are; the shower, when they are driving, when they are watering their plants, when they are meditating, or when they are relaxing.

One client shared how she gets her insights at exactly 2 am. I don’t know the exact mechanics of it, but it seems to me that wisdom comes to us when our mind is quiet and still.

When we are quiet enough to hear wisdom, it speaks to us. Another thing I’ve noticed is that it’s not like in the movies. What I mean is that when wisdom occurs it doesn’t look like the clouds are parting, light shines down on you and angels deliver a divine message on an ancient scroll.

It feels ordinary, quiet and still. It feels and/or sounds something like a “hmm”. When we really see that wisdom is 100% reliable, bumping up against things like ‘I don’t know what to do!’ and ‘I am WAAAY in over my head!’ look a lot less scary. It doesn’t mean anything about us, it just means that we need to wait a little longer for wisdom to arrive.
This insight is the most challenging and by far the most impactful. Syd Banks said, “If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world”.
So what does that have to do with tapping into your wisdom? The less afraid you are of your thinking, the less time and energy you will spend trying to fix or manage your thinking.

This will lead to more space for you to SEE and HEAR your wisdom. I said this was challenging because I still feel insecure and fearful of things in my life. I still worry about the future from time to time. I still think that if I had more of some things, that my life would be better.
The difference now is that I can SEE myself thinking these things and how they are making me feel insecure. Once I see it, my thinking looks a lot less scary to me and a lot more like thinking that is passing through. I don’t need to fix it, and I don’t need to manage it.

I just see it and my mind naturally settles back down and feels quieter. There is less to stress about or feel anxious about, which creates more space - and the more space I have in my mind, the more space there is for me to experience wisdom in the moment.
What if experiencing wisdom in the moment was all you needed to take you to wherever your heart desired?

Sparkles - Unsplash - Matt Palmer

- Can you notice when wisdom has shown up for you in the past?
Reflect on when things have worked out for you in inexplicable ways; you got an out-of-the-blue idea that totally changed the game for you. Maybe you were faced with a major life decision and you just KNEW what to do - or what not to do.
- Reflect on when and where you get your BEST ideas. When are you most available to your wisdom?
- Think of something that currently looks scary to you and give yourself space from it. Put it down for an 30 mins, an hour or even two. Let yourself settle about it, and when you feel more grounded, take another look. What do you see?

Love, Nikon

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