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My Path Vs Your Path

Nikon Gormley Coach

This was something I saw fresh recently while walking around the Capitol Building in Washington DC. If you try and copy my path (what I did, what I didn't do, how I did it exactly, my decisions, what I said yes to, and what I said no to) you'll probably end up somewhere really weird. 😵
Because it's not your path, it wasn't made for "you". 🚫
But... If you follow your own path and enjoy its natural unfolding... ☃️ If you keep showing up and just try different things to see what happens...🎄 If you give up needing to follow everyone else's exact steps for success... ☃️ If you give up whatever definition of success you have... 🎄 If you spend more quiet time following your intelligence rather than the busyness of your intellect... ☃️ You'll end up somewhere FAR MORE magical and amazing than you ever thought possible. ❤️ Just For Today ✅ Notice where you are trying to follow someone else's blue print for success or life or whatever. Give it up for 1-2 days. See what you see.
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