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Less of You. More Fun.

Nikon Gormley Coaching
I was in an online masterclass last night with Mara Gleason, Michael Neill and my fellow class mates at Supercoach Academy. We were exploring our "definition" of success and how it affected our businesses. I saw how much I had MADE UP in my thinking about what success was and was not. And when I sat with the question of "how do you define success", I saw even more of my MADE UP thinking. 💭 I am successful when / if.... 🌧️ I make X amount in my business 🌧️ I charge X amount for my services 🌧️ I am a good son. 🌧️ I am a good friend. 🌧️ I am win X Medal in Taekwondo. 🌧️ I own X house / car / watch. 🌧️ I travel to X destination. 🌧️ I get X certification. And I realized that this list could go on forever and it probably will. And yet it felt really good to just pause and look at it for a bit. 😌 I also saw how... when I take off the meaning of "this is success" on the things I want...they feel easier, lighter and more fun. 🎉 So I put the insight to the TEST. ⏳ One of the playful definitions that I created was to buy / own an Audemar Pigeut watch. It's a 30k USD (900,000 THB) watch. I'm playing this game with "thug life maple syrup" Kalem Fergusson. 🏆 So.. today after a meeting in downtown Bangkok, I felt inclined to actually go to the ONLY store (Central Embassy) in the country that sells Audemar Piguets and try one on! And it just happened to be a 5 min walk from where my meeting was. ⚡ I had SO MUCH fun. The sales lady (Khun Am) was super helpful, kind and caring. We talked about the different kinds of Audemar Piguet watches. She LET ME try one on. And we talked about how I might get the one I actually want, the "37 mm, thin blue face Royal Oak model". Apparently it's quite rare. They have no waiting list either. Almost like you have to hunt the watch. 🤠
Nikon Gormley Coaching
And then I saw it.. I was having a really really good time! 😆 When I have "LESS OF ME" as in less of my personal thinking on the things I have defined as "success", what I desire becomes A LOT more FUN. 🎉

Nikon Gormley Coaching
And this feels like a pretty cool place to come from. ❤️ P.S. Having a 30K (900,000 THB) watch on my wrist felt pretty fucking cool. 😆
Nikon Gormley Coaching
Just For Today. ✅ Reflect on this question: How do you define success? ✅ Test your insight: Go do the thing that you have defined as success (to the best of your abilities). And see what you see. ✅ Let me know what you see in the comments. 💭 I hope this was helpful to you (and let me know if it does) 🙏🏻 P.P.S. Shout out to Khun Am for helping me create a wonderful experience at the Audemar Piguet store.
Audemar Piguet Thailand

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