How do I "Fill In The Blank"

Nikon Gormley Coach

How do I "fill in the blank" 🤔 I've spent a long time being worried about"getting it right", with pretty much everything; martial arts, business building, and dating. 😵 Anyone here ever have that thought "God, I hope this works out?" or "I hope I don't mess this up" 🙋🏻‍♂️ I noticed the worry keeps me in "How do I do this or that" for much longer - because I want to take the BEST and MOST OPTIMAL ACTION!! 🤯 And this way of being has worked, but it was so slow and energy consuming. And while on retreat in Singapore with Michael Neill , I saw something fresh; The answer to "How do I" is "Now". ⚡ What do you mean "Now".? Now means taking the next step and seeing what shows up, and dealing with it. But wait! No! I have to strategize and plan! What about "getting it right, Nikon?!" 🙅🏻‍♂️ Screw "getting it right". Taking the next smallest step that makes sense will take you further than you can possibly imagine. 🌊 In fact "Now" will take you all the way there to where you want to go, maybe even beyond to somewhere even more magical. 🏆 So the next two questions are; . 1. Do you want to? ✅ 2. Are you willing to? ✅ Just For Today ✅ Do more of "Now". If this was useful to you, please let me know. Drop your insights in the comments below. 👇🏻❤️ What's your next "Now"? 🌊

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