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You don't have to hide the places you are broken, I will love you there too.

"You don't have to hide the places you are broken, I will love you there too." Christina Berkley For the longest time, I thought that to be successful I had to look perfect. I had to be a polished man without any blemishes, marks and bruises. I tried so hard to keep up that image for myself and for others. I was so wrong. In keeping up this image, I neglected to heal myself, I neglected to allow others to see the real me. I neglected myself to receive love where I needed it the most. I became highly independent and proud, yet I was held back consistently because of the fear that someone might find out that I bruise easily and see where I am broken. You see we are taught to be ashamed of our scrapes, bruises and cuts. We are taught to hide them from others. I'm here to tell you that your battle scars are what inspires and gives hope to others. When you share your hero's journey you set other people free because in your story, we see ourselves. Your story gives us clarity. Your story gives us hope. Your story inspires us to action. When I started to hide no more and share my failures, my bruises, my cuts and scrapes and my lessons - I felt more connected to the people I was talking to. I allowed space for them to get me and in that connection - I understood them better too. And through that connection, real transformation occurred. I felt an incredible weight lifted off my shoulders. I felt a sense of ease and grace. So please, hide no more. Create space for people to love you - all of you, even the broken bits. They are what make you unique. Love, Nikon

Nikon Gormley Coaching

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