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My Dad and His Art

I want to share a story about my Dad, Stephen Gormley and how he's been using principles from the "Prosperous Coach (Rich Litvin & Steve Chandler)" and "The Art of Making Things Happen (Steve Sims)" for 47+ years to create a 7x Figure Business. A little bit about my Dad. His name is Stephen Gormley and he's self-made world renown glass artist. His Career Stats;
100x 5 Star Hotel Projects, 18 Countries with completed projects, And 47+ Years of creating, innovating and leaning into his edge. He's a self-taught artist, engineer, designer and businessman. Here is where the Prosperous Coach comes in. - He's never had an official website until now, 2019! (It's - He does ZERO marketing - He only works with a handful of world-class architects and designers from around the world. (No more than 10) - He only takes on a few projects a year. - For 47+ Years he built his business on word of mouth and growing relationships.
Sound familiar? I thought so too. So I asked him, how did he get started.
And this is what he told me / did;
1. Invite
When he would visit a city for work, he would open the phone book and just call on his dream clients (designers and architects) and ask for a meeting. He would say "Hi, I'm Stephen Gormley, I'm a glass artist and I have glass pieces I'd love to show you. I'd also like to learn more about what you're up to and how I can help you.
2. Connect
He would show up and just connect, learn about the designers, the architects, ask about their projects, ask about their challenges, and create a real relatio