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Hello !
Today's article is a little different, different as in - I didn't write it. My colleague from Canada, Kalem Fergusson wrote it and I thought it was so beautiful that I asked if I could share it here for all of you to read. Kalem said "Sure!".
About Kalem;
Kalem is a dear friend and fellow Coach based in Canada. He is a wonderful soul and one of the realist people I know.
He specializes in helping "change makers" experience transformational growth & everlasting fulfilment, through exploring purpose and deep connection.
What I loved about Kalem's post is the fresh perspective he brings to the idea of looking at Life as a "Game".
To me, one of the biggest ways we screw with life is that we take it so damn seriously; our habits, our goals, our way of creating success, our mindsets, our jobs, our relationships, our health, our family and our wealth.
We beat ourselves up so much about optimizing these areas in our lives that we forget the underlying Truths and Principles that are present behind the scenes. We forget that there is an intelligence behind the system - and if we just stopped screwing with life for just a moment - we'll see it. And when we see it it's like....OH, the game of life is actually A LOT easier than I made it out to be in my thinking. We then make SPACE for this ease and grace to work through us.